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In my experience the part where your toe is rubbing/pinching is the area which stretches the most. I have slightly wide feet but went with my normal size in both pairs of my trail oxfords and after a couple of wears the rubbing ceased for me.
I've yet to come across a boot/shoe manufacturer who have no issues with their products from time to time, that is a given when working with leather but there is a way to go about things when a rare problem does arise.
Well said George. I think everyone who has dealt directly with Oak Street Bootmakers is aware of the great customer service and help you provide. Personally I think it's bad form to come on a forum and start making accusations of how a product is made without knowing the facts. I own two pairs of Oakies and no doubt I'll be back for more in the future, the customer service being one of the reasons why I'll return.
Cool, thanks.
  What website? I can't see any cherry trail oxfords on the Oak Street website?   That is my only gripe with my Oakies, and it's a small one, the laces don't wear well.
Thanks man.
  Those look superb pal but then again I'm a huge fan of the trail Oxfords, having two pairs myself.  As good as a shoe gets IMO. How come you changed the laces and may I also ask what the replacement laces are? They look great actually.   George - those Trench boots look fantastic 
Not sure mate but we can dream 
I hope one day that George decides to offer the Trench boot with a dainite sole, I'd be all over a pair. The pics from patrick_b show how stunning these boots will look with age.
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