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Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. I could've sworn that I saw somewhere that it was fake fur, hence the post. Sorry, again.
Has anyone tried to find a real fur (shearling) collar for the A2?
Uugh... I can't decide between Context x Schot jacket and Falcon (TOJ) A2. Price is more or less the same, I like both. Opinions?
Around 2011, SF had a S&D sponsor that shipped either from Stockholm or Copenhagen. Does anyone remember who it was?
What are some good lightweight jeans for humid weather in a cut similar to PBJ 003 or Fullcount 1105?
So PBJs and Fullcounts can stretch out good 2 inches from tagged and past the raw state (I already fucked up twice). What about Oni and Samurai? What's the deal on their shrinkage and stretching?
I'm for MTO, but probably will run more than 190, no?Btw, 185 is about 192 today when adjusted for inflation, so in reality, price would stay the same.
Mike, Cameron Walts were about 150 in 2011, weren't they? I'm personally ok with a 190 for those pants, just because I love them. You obviously know the market better, so if you have to use a different cloth, by all means! I can't wait!
Those! I'd buy 2-3 pairs this time around! (If the price is reasonable)On a side note, I need about an inch or so in the ass and the waist after a recent weight gain. Can I get this out of the Walt? Any experiences?
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