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I couldn't nail Aeropress down and said screw it, got me Clever Coffee Dripper. Best decision ever. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
I must've had a major brain fart... I just remeasured, and they're spot on 34" (tagged 31).
How's stretch on SDA SD-101XXs? Would tagged 31s stretch out back to their pre-soak/wash size? My measured waist is 33. I'm trying to decide whether to get tagged 33s or 33s (33 pre-soak, per BiG).
How is the stretchability on this denim? After a soak, does it stretch past raw measurement?
@IIIrd Icon TTS as in your measured waist size? My 1101s are tagged 31, measured 33 raw, stretched to almost 34.5... Unwearable for me (or wash every other wear).
I take it these don't stretch much due to the weave?
True waist is 33... Should I go for 32s or 31st in 201s?
My true waist size is 33, as measured right above hip bones. All these years buying raw/one-washed denim was a crapshoot for me... I always either undersize or oversize (nice pair of Fullcount 1101s, tagged 31, measuring 34.5). Is it pretty much safe to assume that after a soak/wash, jean will eventually stretch out to its raw measurement, regardless of tagged size?
I managed to screw up sizing on my new sport trainers or this is just how this shoe fits me or it needs to break in but leather folds and digs into the base of my left foot toes. Pretty painful. Hopefully insoles will fix this.
I don't get it. People just randomly get butthurt.Sounds like my wife used to be... freaking 50 mph everywhere!Or people slowing down at a hill. Use cruise control or put some pressure on that damn pedal!
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