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So I just noticed that inside right sleeve piece on my A2 is darker than the outside and a different shade from the inside piece on the left sleeve, which is also darker. Still an awesome jacket though.
Hi... No, mine is in goat. I saw potential for lamb veiness and decided to go with goat. I think pebbled leather looks way way better on this jacket. Thickness seems alright, feels nicer than wife's Schott Perfecto.
Ordered A2 around 11/27, came in 12/21. I love this thing! I think I'll sleep in it tonight.
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. I could've sworn that I saw somewhere that it was fake fur, hence the post. Sorry, again.
Has anyone tried to find a real fur (shearling) collar for the A2?
Uugh... I can't decide between Context x Schot jacket and Falcon (TOJ) A2. Price is more or less the same, I like both. Opinions?
Around 2011, SF had a S&D sponsor that shipped either from Stockholm or Copenhagen. Does anyone remember who it was?
What are some good lightweight jeans for humid weather in a cut similar to PBJ 003 or Fullcount 1105?
So PBJs and Fullcounts can stretch out good 2 inches from tagged and past the raw state (I already fucked up twice). What about Oni and Samurai? What's the deal on their shrinkage and stretching?
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