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In retrospect, I agree. I actually came to the same conclusion on my own after I posted.
This is why I advocate trying them on in the store with the help of someone that knows what they're doing. You never know until you put it on.
I don't mean to discourage. I think you're on the right track. Yeah, a three-piece would be nice. I don't see many higher-end three pieces on the rack, though.    Thumbs up on the shoes! I think they'll work well for this stylized wedding.   Also, a bit of unsolicited advice... Stick to a black/white tie. Don't let your wife put her colors on you. You're not an accessory! :-) The first three here are pretty nice:   Obviously,...
I only own a fully canvassed Hickey Freeman blazer, but I've seen the sterling series (half canvassed) and they're still quite nice. I would never complain about wearing one.
  Adding a vest wouldn't be an inherently bad look if done correctly, but it would make it a little flashier than it already is. Plus, using a vest with a pattern suit can be risky business without practice because it's totally easy to use the wrong one.   If you like those classic patterns like glen plaid, perhaps you can use it in a tie. There's actually a thread for wedding ties in this forum that's been going around the past couple days with some great classic wedding...
I quite like that particular suit, but I would clear it with your wife-to-be to see what she thinks of it. Wedding suits are usually not that flashy. The pattern you chose may be appropriate for the tie, though. I hate to second-gues your decision, but a charcoal grey suit would be a safer option.
What if I already have a planned purchase that's been on the calendar for a while? It's a rather large one, but outside of that, I have nothing going on.
Spoo, you appear to be about my size. What's your address and what hours are you away from the house? Thanks. P.S. you can leave the car in the garage and just take a cab. Thanks!
  I believe they have several lines that straddle both sides of the $1k mark, but the short answer is "yes".
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