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^^ look dope. What stops you?
^^ yours?
^^ not my jam.( also looks like the older squerish toe shape) If you like the colour there are better ccp tornadoes outhere in that colour
^^ good! have been very happy with a blk dnm jacket biker ( jckt 35) for 2 years ( use it as a beater)
^^ re:yahoo.jap - thanks guys so it seems worth a try. Will report back ( btw its a blazer purchase not a boot)
i am supprised that the 45 fits as 46 but would trust Holgers words. All a1923 i tried/ own are TTS or fit narrow and i had to size up ( double zip from aw12/13). So pls factor the width of your foot and let Holger know that as well. It does help to know what is your size in other footwear as well.
Question: anyone here got experiance with yahoo.japan? Wanna know about duties/taxes and in general is it worth the hassle. Thinking of using from.japan as a proxy. Pm me if you dont wanna clutter the thread! Thx
^^ i understand - i was converted into the tornadoes by the wider shaped SX COIL model - my favorite ziped boot so far. It is grotesque and bad ass chunky in a lovely way
Red tornados - if you can pull the red thats the one i would go for. There is a pair on .ailed for a good price sz 8
^^ only thing you really wanna avoid is salt ( during winter snow/icey times). Not good for the leather. If you get it on try to clean/ wash it off same day.
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