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Hey brad! Would kk boots fit TTS? Also what are the chances to get anything in sz 44. Really like this workboots sadly sz 42http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h192633877
^^ yes you are ritgh!   I was thinking fo hte CCP  work boot with titanium ankle inserts..
write to eton97 ( his are without titanium but same model regarding fit) What is your regular size ( euro/us)?
^^ I know D. It is entirely your fault that i am frantically searching for a deal on those augustas now
Weird I have the CCP tornads in COIL 2009 and my toe box is perfect ( not flat at all) Love that CCP model ( and I am not a pointy toe fan at all)   I also  love the polished version of the a1923 ss14 eton has.. would love to get me one and alternate :) 
Thumbs up for JPC9 - a great guy - dealt with him and it resulted a friendship! Plus these backzip boots are MA+'s best design IMO.
Write to Faust?
^^ yep i dont like that. Happy to see layer-0 is improving desing. Any chance for fit pix?
Nice buy!How does it fit? I tried an earlier model and was a bit boxy
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