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Mine were slighly worn when i bought them second hand. Still the latex is not the ideal outsole material - more slippery than rubber.
^^ Yessir!! Dripsies all the way! Nothing comes close!
Heard abou the hook braking but never about the metal part coming off.  Never had problem with either for 2.5 years. 
Fave leather!
Such a nice photo..
^^ reversed calf but smooth with some kind of rubber treatment
^^ nice fit. What size?
hmmm you are tempting me - would be good if nyarkis post bunch of fits!   For comparision here is my cors 2012 not very thick but stiff and super smooth
^^I have the  scar in cors ( atelier batch from 2012) and it is stiff (smell is not fishy at all but very nice and particular leather smell that is still there after 3 years) .   I feel the fencer would look better more drapey ( i.e. juicy) when unzipped.. however I love cors the most
New Posts  All Forums: