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How is the fit - TTS? Need these in my life!
Fantastic, can't wait!
^^ Will prices be still bonkers?
^^ new moria?
^^That looks dope you you D!
[quote name="eckblk" url="/t/248835/the-official-streetwear-baller-boot-shoe-thread-700usd-min/15765#post_7675117 BP pics are old- dude is wearing bbs/layer 0 recently. I do find it a bit shocking Mr. C is posting images of BP on his Instagram (in almost an anti-artisan kind of way) but whatever it's 2015 & I'd rather him be active online and sharing pics than not.[/quote] ^^Felt same way when i saw the photo of BP on the a1923 IG feed.. Kinda made me wonder if the...
These look fantastic. Did they fit TTS?
^^ saw this. fit looks good no? Not sure bout the record did not bother listening to it..
^^ already on a second pair U? Well done young man! Deets?
Cheers D!  Enjoy those beauts!
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