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a long overdue note on possibly the best service i have had in artisanal retail - Calculus ( re-porter affiliated) online boutique. Graham was incredibly informative, lighting speed in communication and an amazing price on a great item ( ann d sneakers). Cant recommend enough!!
Hi How do low tops Ann D scamosciato aw16 sneakers run?     I am 44.5 true ( 11.5 in nike runners)   Should i get 44 or 45?   thanks
I would never trust Simone with a custom order. Hope you were fully reimboursed?
i think we are talking ccp drip sneakers right? Not the leather sole but the latex ( once the drip is abit worn). Heel Taps are rubber so no tap noise there
Heel taps - have been beating mine for years and only heal taps have not needed an outsole yet
Agreed, had 2 cors scars- current itteration is more comfy, no problem driving etc..
Current season 52 in cors will be fine for you with sweater space.
^^ dude what are your deets - chest shoulders heigth weight? You need the measurements of the particular jacket. Scar fits differently from batch to batch. Also leather is important. For example Cors does not drape at all. Also ccp fits best on tall, thin figured humans. Honestly unless you are super tall/ broad chest ( like xxl) sz 54 current season might be too long/roomy for you.
^^ check measurements but 52 mght be right up ur alley for a fitted look. I am 52 in a1923 and current season ccp scar in size 50 is comfortable/ a tiny tad roomy on me
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