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^^ got 2 and this one is a bit snug on me now ( been working out) Love my PH blazers though!
PAUL HARNDEN MENS ( classic) black BLAZER sz L, AW15, wool/linen ( fits 50 or even 48 with a room for layers) Condition 9.5/10 with tags and extra button. Contact me if interested for price/measurements.
^^ insole them! Pnp would do exchange or store credit but only unworn items ( also it is a hussle when international shipping with duties taxes etc)
^^ either way it is a pile of pretentious BS..
^^ talk to eton
^^sadly true - have been searching for a dry cleaner in montreal with a 'delicate' dry clean option without success. How do you maintain your blazers ( PH wool/linen for example)?
^^ 786. Love my 788z - removed 1/4" from heel and bob's my uncle..
^^ roo only good on drips imho
Had both calf and FG horse. ( 988 and 788). Both great with slight pref for fg horse ( did not strech as much)
You are basically same as me. Round toe shapped boots might work better. A1923 work boots/ 10 sei0tto/ some guidis ( lace ups). A1923 st3 in size 45 should be good as well. Btw i have few pairs ( guidi/10 sei0tto lace up work boots) in ur size i might be letting go hit me up if interested.
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