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All i am saying is that this scarstich could look soooo much better then this: http://altera-store.com/shop/mens/outwear/c.html
Nice! These fit TTS? What size are you and the pants?
No idea why he is using that pudgy model though.. Does not do justice to the pieces
All these side zip augusta talk will make me buy another zip up boot - when does the madness end?
^^Whats mr Moria watching there?
^^ whats 1k for a member of this forum? Just a pair of flip flops
Could it be that sans Deepti, Carol ain't that creative anymore?
^^that shot is one of my faves of Adam K
^^ sick bootsies man. You better do a proper shoot soon! Especially the red a1923 side zips and the culatta double zips ( ok and the tornados for I cant get enough of 2009 SX tornads)
^^The brad posing again!
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