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^^ already on a second pair U? Well done young man! Deets?
Cheers D!  Enjoy those beauts!
Get ccp drips young man
Officine Creative Chelsea boots in excelent condition size 44 fit TTS with insole. These are excellent quality made by hand. Price - 330$ plus shipping.
MA+ backzip is here, but does not seem to go with my bottoms so with lots of hesitation, on the chopblock if anyone is interested.. sz 44
MA + backzip boots sz 44 in horse leather - Brand new with box, just got last week from PNP but the clean aesthetic does not seem to go with the rest of my closet.  Fit TTS Price 1200$ plus shipping and fees
I am 44. Yeah officine chelseas get least wear so they will be going ( not bad boots though and very comfy).Your line up is nice but again depends on what you wear on top. I can not wear RO footwear ( and i have tried). So my vote is creepers and bbs reversed out
^^ My thoughts as well but i love them too! Have gotten attached to my bootsies - they have become my best friends!
The dirty crew! Someone has to go! suggestions welcomed? (A1923 culatta cavalo, CCP drips roo, CCP coil, MA+ horse, Guidi calf, Officine)
^^ congrats man! Please more close ups of leather when you have time to compare buff vs horse. Regarding cobbler - yes on all points but research the one you wanna use! your averige neighbourhood cobbler will say yes and do his own thing despite. You need someone who has worked on high end boots ( and it is still not a guarantee). Re balance - Not to alter the relative height balance between the heel and the front outsole. Enjoy!
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