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Paging @jbravo
^^ that charcoal is to die for! Love Carol's colours and leather work ( tornadoes but also on drips - red and urine in particular ). TBH his leather work make me drool like nobody else's work ( inlcuding Simone)
^^ same exact case and she feels same about my blazer obsession. The guitars pile up has slowed down for me ( have about 13 now)
Everyone needs another pair of black boots!
You get some of that with the scar on men as well - inner pocket zippers show on the front when zipped ( and of course it does make you randy when on )
Exactly, thanks D!Thanks bud! my thoughts as well!
^^ cat is a sucker for the camera! yeah these sissies look nice in a skirt set up ( and in dire need for reno
^^ fit pics to prove it?
D there are very similar although CCP is more aggresive and edgy. I do wear my CCP with sknny black jeans and looks great. However for an everyday boot ( comfort and not too loud plus perfect shape ) a1923 wins. The COIL leather (ccp) is out of this world though!Fitted augusta with selvedge bbs p14:
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