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These storm welt M_Moriabc are stunning E!
Show me yours and i will show you mine.. ( sorry for the shitty pic)
2 bad quality fitted shots of culatta st3 ss14. - love these bastards, IMO best st3 Simone has ever made:
PNP is dfinitely next on the list (i was in Germany for other reasons so could not miss these stores) few quick pics of recent purchase dza nero a1923 from DL ( leather is thick culatta and seem to soften really fast so they are already very comfy after few tries at home). Tbh pics are not doing justice to the leather but you already knew that
Well TBH i "hated" the price and could not see how this would be justifiable. ( some cost as much as a new ccp scarstich) . After seeing them at Hide-M and trying few models i must admit MMoria is a work of art. I loved just holding the shoe and marveling its perfection. The stormwelt shape suits my built and pants chioce perfectly. Will I buy a pair - perhaps but trying to strongly resist.On the double zips front i found the best itteration st3 - they called it...
!start with guidi but be aware that it is a downward spiral from there, eventually ending with mmoria madness - which i am fighting at the moment On a more serious note guidi are most versatile, least edgy for sure. That being said I just picked the a1923 ss14 culatta double zips (at DarkLands) and these are going to replace my guidis. Hit me up if you are TTS 44-45. Cheers!
Hmmm my experiance with 2015 CCP CORS is exactly the oposite! I just got my new CORS scar in black and my god is it heavy, juicy, 3 dimensional and just about the best leather i have ever seen ( and this is the second scar i have owned. eton and jpc had exact same experience with thier CORS scars ( also 2015 production).
Funny you should mentioned that - I went through almost same experience - was in nepal 2012, did the anapurna circuit became a friend with the guide and have subsequiently helped him ( duirng recent disasters). however every time i buy an expensive item my consciousness bites me as i think - hmm i could have helped some poor nepalese kids with this cash! I think it is great to help people selflessly, but I have also :)accepted the fact that i love beautifull objects ...
Any chance of getting the workboot in 44 ? ( local boy here)
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