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^^ what do these go for at retail?
Please Let me know as well. Have been eyeing those for awhile!
^^ moria ? At hide-m? Saw it on IG as well
Had both cotton and wool/linen aw11. Both fit TTS and the cotton boxier ( sold it). The aw11 wool/linen LUC is my fave fabric amongst All my wool( wool mix) blazers - PH/ a1923 etc. Amazing piece! Do go TTS for sure!
^^ Eton should be the PH poster boy! Best PH blazer fits imho ( and reason why i bought 2 ( almost 3) in the last 2 months
Jumpin on the PH/augusta wank train: PH mens(wool/linen) - love that thing/ BBS p14/ augusta culatta Btw might be selling a PH mens in chamois sz50 ( not sure yet but got too many). Pm if interested
How is the fit - TTS? Need these in my life!
Fantastic, can't wait!
^^ Will prices be still bonkers?
^^ new moria?
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