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500 is a steel for this one!
^^ yep Blk dnm 31 - best biker jacket better them many more expensive ones imo. Paid 900 retail at NYC store and super happy for 2 years. Use it as a beater. Fits TTS fitted
^^ Which jacket model? i paid 900$ for the jacket 35 , 2 years ago and it is the leather jacket i get most compliments for ( amongst ccp and other leathers)
Which season E?
This might have been the inspiration ( 2nd ww german army moto coat)
^^ look dope. What stops you?
^^ yours?
^^ not my jam.( also looks like the older squerish toe shape) If you like the colour there are better ccp tornadoes outhere in that colour
^^ good! have been very happy with a blk dnm jacket biker ( jckt 35) for 2 years ( use it as a beater)
^^ re:yahoo.jap - thanks guys so it seems worth a try. Will report back ( btw its a blazer purchase not a boot)
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