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Poell's red is insane. Would totaly rock red drips! ( in addition to the black ones i got)
^^love the red drips!!
^^ you can pre order a1923 boots with anchoret as well as pnp or hide-m
Thanks U! Cant find a 90ish" long 3/4" wide model. Is there a model you would recommenf? Thx
Question: Anybody knows a good online store for laces? Looking for a black pair for my ccp drips. Cheers!
^^ well it kinda has become everything that has to do with baller artisanal footwear including fits with proper pants. What are the pants on your pic @nicelynice? Like the Fit with the tornads.
^^like it.
^^ a1923 work boots are the best. Would kop if it was my size and did not have a sweet pair on my feet at this moment
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