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Was contemplating getting something from them last year. They said they would mark it down. However i read few bad experiances with Vertice ( not having marked down stuff, problems with returns etc) and went elsewhere.
Love my blk denim 31. The design is waaaaaay cooler. The ToJ quilted design does not cut it imho. Btw One year of beating the blk dnm it looks even better!
Nice Uz! Any chance for fitted pics?
Post pics Uz dont be shy!
^^ Hahaha, while we are in CCP fantasy land any of you know where from Carol sources his horse leather for his jackets?
Oh you know an island in mediterranean sea where object dyed CCPs grow on trees
^^ yes BSR is the definitive reference but Tassos explained to me that the SX is the WIDER boot and sent me the earlier picture presented here with the mismatched pair white  tornados as a reference regarding the difference.  Indeed the SX boots I have are both like the left boot ( it.t wider )  Funny that Carol designed a mismatched toe box tornadoes but heyif anyone will do it it would have to be Carol.... I have a firend who received a special order tornados with one a...
The SX model is the shit as far as i am concerned. Tried the other model and was not into it.
^^ These are the two different am2521 available for special order from the office gallery - the left one is the SX model and i have that one. Naturally both my boots have the wider toe box.
^^ those are beautifull
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