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+1 for ann D ( low top) not sure why u wouldwanna vibram them? Not at all sold on L0 sneaker design
No ebay years ago. Tbh i would not be able to pull them off with the full blown drips on. Much prefer them when drip is worn off ( much less flashy as well)
^^ my drips became my fave sneaks after recently vibraming them - my cobbler was even able to sort of re-latex them around the new outsole so they look as before ( i.e. as drips have worn off) However comfort is waaaay better and It is such a gorge sneaker.
One can never have enough black..
Perhaps even in the wrong thread for this kind of conversation?
Thanks! Not sure if this many pairs is considered hoarding, but i seem not to be able to let any of these go..
Full house:
a long overdue note on possibly the best service i have had in artisanal retail - Calculus ( re-porter affiliated) online boutique. Graham was incredibly informative, lighting speed in communication and an amazing price on a great item ( ann d sneakers). Cant recommend enough!!
Hi How do low tops Ann D scamosciato aw16 sneakers run?     I am 44.5 true ( 11.5 in nike runners)   Should i get 44 or 45?   thanks
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