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I've not yet graduated to a point where I feel.comfortable without a belt, and i dont need it to keep my trousers up. I feel, for me, the outfit is unfinished without one.
and i did read the whole thread.  i am interested in it. exluding the parts where you accuse the OP of some nefarious plot to sell his tailoring services. 
^^is all irony lost on you, or just the written kind?
do you do your dry cleaning near home or the office?  do you carry your dirty clothes around with you for longer than you have to, or do you bring them to the closest suitable place?  if not, do your colleagues ask why you are carring around your dirty clothes?
i can't imagine picking up or dropping off clothes close to my office as opposed to my home.
i fall into the "aren't willing to pay for it camp", and I enjoy thrifting.
well if you dream, then you must have a currentt favorite?
of course
just curious why a dry cleaner in such disparate locations would work for you? 
interesting that three of us (those that chose to respond with something about clothes they own and not their bodies or clothes stolen from women) have thrifted items that we condsider the best we own....
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