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No. These are Joh. Rendenbach soles, used by many manufacturers on new shoes  and every good cobbler for resoling.   Your shoes have been probably resoled and had little use since.
I would need some help to identify the manufacturers of the following shoes:   1st pair:         2nd pair           Thank you
Extremely rare. Size 8 narrow
I treated mine with Saphir dark brown crème de luxe, and wax of the same brand, which I also use with my other pairs of box calf shoes and boots.On the long term they lost that distressed rough out look, which didn't bother me personally, and the leather became homogeneous in apperance, like a waxy leather. I would not advise you to proceed as I did if you want to preserve the exact used distressed look they have when new. I wouldn't know if there is a specific product you...
Right. I owned a pair of these boots a few years ago and sent a picture of the inside markings to Alfred Sargent. Their customer service confirmed me they had manufactured those boots for the american market (without mentioning RL). Anyway, for anyone who owns AS boots, those markings are very familiar, and the 88 last is one of their most known. As per the Ebay UK seller mentioned by @Carson , it is not the first time they make this type of mistake.
As far as I know those boots were made by Alfred Sargent on their 88 last and not Crockett Jones.
  Anyone would know the manufacturer? (seen on a 9 holes captoe boots, made in England, Itshide commando sole).   Thank you
Is there already a wating list for an hypothetic second run?
These are a great pair of boots. Congratulations. The quality of Zug used nowadays by Alfred Sargent is certainly high standard in terms of durabilty and resistance. Nevertheless, when comparing them with Martin's Zug used for many years by Lotus, Tecnic, George Webb and some other manufacturers who used to specialize in Veldtschoen welt, I must say it is less aesthetic. The Zug used on Kelsos has a sort of matte finish that seems almost like synthetic leather, while...
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