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Is there already a wating list for an hypothetic second run?
These are a great pair of boots. Congratulations. The quality of Zug used nowadays by Alfred Sargent is certainly high standard in terms of durabilty and resistance. Nevertheless, when comparing them with Martin's Zug used for many years by Lotus, Tecnic, George Webb and some other manufacturers who used to specialize in Veldtschoen welt, I must say it is less aesthetic. The Zug used on Kelsos has a sort of matte finish that seems almost like synthetic leather, while...
  Hi, where did you see the Kelso on the Shoehealer webpage?
  Would anyone recognize the manufacturer behind these markings. Thank you.
 Thank you very much Sir. Your suggestion is much appreciated. I'll try to put that in practice. Cheers.
I do wear my Barbour, among  a few other rags, in town and agree that the frontier between an urban environment and the countryside has become insignificant over the years. Actually, I also wear a pair of Galways at work. What I meant, and sorry if it comes confusing as English is not my native language, is that the conjunction of Galways, with veldtschoen construction, with a Zug leather becomes almost a technical equipment and if you're gonna have it, then use it in the...
In my humble opinion, what is anachronistic is to buy Veldtschoen Zug Galways to wear around town, whether they have leather soles with metal studs or rubber soles, when these are boots typically made to wear in proper conditions on the field (countryside or something alike). Metal studs can be very useful on smooth surfaces, and they fit the purpose on those conditions. Anyway, they can easily be removed and you''ll find yourself with a traditional leather sole. Sorry,...
This post was causing more grief than pleasure to the eyes, hence deleted. Please apologize any inconvenience.   Best wishes
XS if you want it adjusted to your 32'' chest and slim (only a shirt and thin jumper underneath). S if you want it roomy for more layers.
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