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I actually did a wash at 2nd month as it was quite dirty. Wll post the pic soon.
Hi, i would like to enquire about whites sd sizing. Currently i am wearing a rw 1907 9D. What size should i get if i want to get a white's sd.
I feel you. But it's not my wife who wash my jeans but my mom. She find it wearing it for more than a week is too dirty and secretly wash my denim. Now I just hide my 0702 to prevent her from washing.
My 9 months+ Momotaro 0705sp (actual wear 6-7 months)       Knee ^^ Honeycomb ^^ Whiskers ^^ Ass fade ^^
    Comon guys,keep posting and updating the fit of your contest jeans.
Yes. Don't worry. Btw caltex if u can, can we have a list of participants that is in this contest ?
Wondering whether jay will collaborate Japan Blue x Blue Owl Chino in tapered fit ?
Nice "whiskers" fade jay ! Look a little tight at the thigh area. here's mine
New Posts  All Forums: