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I am a trend setter not a follower. However my concern is that management that I work for at a very large fortune 50 company would simply thing that I can not afford the more modern style.   However, classis style can never become dated. Least that is what I thought.   Thank you for all your responses.
I thought having a savile row coat with a large collar may look better than the standard small collar.
I would like to get some advice and counsel on a overcoat I am considering.   I have looked at the more modern overcoats and they seem to have a slim lapel. However I was considering purchasing a more vintage overcoat with a wider lapel made by Norton & Sons on Savile Row.     Which one would you go with?   This is the Savile Row OverCoat with wider lapel.             Brioni Recent Over Coat Small Lapel           Which one...
No, I do not. I will research their patterns and make an informed decision.
I would be very pleased to receive your opinion on the following jacket for business purposes. I currently work for a fortune 50 company and hold a top end middle management position (2 steps below the COO). I have all of my primary colors in suits, therefore, I am considering ventoring out a little bit.   Could you please provide your opinion if you believe this jacwket ould be appropiate or would I be too adventerous for business. It is a Kiton Cashmere...
I have decided to just go all out. Decided I will have a few great suits instead of alot of cheap one.   Decided to pull the trigger on a Brioni and some JM Weston shoes. It is the very best that I can afford for now.
    I am not looking for validation. However your response lacked any sort of educated response or relevant information. I am glad I could assist in your post count. Was looking for actual feedback from those that have tried to perform the task that I am inquiring about.   I have received that from a few well informed members on the forum.   I consider this question answered and closed.
My other option would be to buy Jos A Banks Signature Gold or Platinum collection, retail they are over 2k. Are those worth the expense?   I know they would not be a Brioni but they are the premier line of Jos A Banks, if that even means anything.
I appreciate your constructive replies. I speak fluent Mandarian however I learned in in college and have not travelled to every single asian country.   My plan was to to purchase high quality materials, and bring them with me. My understanding is the labor in asian countries can be between 250-400 per suit. Therefore in essence I am saving allot of money because the same suit would cost me almost 2k or more in the United States. I understand I would need to do my...
Im not trying to get redneck prices and do not need your rude comments. All I was asking was feedback, I see no reason to spend 3 k on a custom suit. Like anyone I want to get the best bang for my buck. Don't worry about it though. I'll continue to research and see what I come up with.   Next time I post a question I will ensure I get feedback from those that have ventured in other countries and not those that simply shop in the US.
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