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go with paraben free shampoos and soaps.  there are lots around in your health food store.   i personally use dr. bronner soap.  you can use it for everything.  even doing your laundry.  it's perfect for traveling.  it's organic, free trade and bio degradable and no parabens.
hey guys, can perfume age and smell even better or stronger after some time on the shelves at home?
today :   comme des garcons - incense quarzazate ( series 3 ).  i really really like comme des garcons fragrances.  very unique and not that many around.  this one is very peppery.  comes in a black bottle with a chrome cap.      yesterday :   comme des garcons - red sequoia ( series 2 ).  one of my favourite.  a one of a kind smell.  it comes in a see though red bottle and a silver cap.
thanks for the tip although i am done with buying perfumes.  i got so many and i don't wear the stuff that often since at work there are some people who are really sensitive to perfumes resulting in them getting migraines. 
costume national - scent intense ( eau de parfum ).    man, this one i bought about 8 years ago and it's one of my strongest scent that gets better as the the day goes on and it lasts all day.  really happy i kept this small little bottle.  i use it sparingly.  
mindblowing!!   one of my favourite movies.  
  chernobyl diaries.  entertaining.   martha marcy may marlene.  okay movie.  shows you what a cult can do to you, i guess.  liz olson is pretty hot.  like her in the silent house.
dress well and make sure you don't have bad breath.
aramis 900.  herbal eau de cologne.  what do you guys think of this scent?  at the time i would have thought that this scent would be too old for me but now at 46 it's the right one.  
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