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I'm probably going to bite the bullet and get a Schott 519 Perfecto - it looks like its the least bulky of the Perfectos.
Bates' styling is a little too functionally done for me, similar to the Vanson and Aero.  BLK DNM is more my speed but the sleeves are an inch too long.     I'm looking towards something like Leather Monkeys or Wunder Leathers but can't find much information from buyers.  It seems like a lot of flash and not much info on the leather and construction on their respective sites.
I've been searching through back pages of this and other forums for about 25 combined hours now, and while closer to finding what I'm looking for, still not there.   I'm after a double rider with no epaulets, slimmer cut, brass hardware.  All of the Schott models I've seen don't look quite right in the arm area, too bulky.  Same with Vanson.  I wouldn't mind thinner/softer leather than the Schotts, but I don't want to be afraid of walking through the woods with it on...
Hello,   I'm new to SF - from what I can gather you can't sell until 45 days or certain amount of posts, but is there a way for me to post a WTB ad?  Thanks.   - Chris
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