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Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS great site.....the Zamel house is EXACTLY what I lust after. Me wide do you think that pool is? 12'?
I like this site;
I have the burgundy BB chukka, it is a great boot, GLWS
Loro Piana Brunello Cucinelli Edward Green RLPL Drake's Marciolano APC Zimmereli Brook Brothers I could do my entire wardrobe in those and die happy
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You wouldn't have to touch a thing if you transfer in Panama. Everything is contained in one terminal and since they're smart enough to realize they're an important international hub they don't make their passengers deal with customs unless they're exiting the airport. The food court's upstairs which is retarded because Panama is an oven and they don't believe in air conditioning, so you can guess where all the hot...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Well, coming back, I can say with 100% certainty that even if you're transferring to a flight with a destination outside of the US, you still go through customs because i guess the airport wasn't designed to facilitate transfers between destinations outside of the US. If it was JUST an extra security check of your bags it might not be as bad, but being forced through customs is a waste of time, and you do in fact...
PM sent.. I like much were they?
Not to freak you out, but a close friend of mine is being treated for a cancerous tumor in his tonsil...go get it checked out.
I had a walk through a Zara recently and was pleasantly surprised at the selection and decent prices of some items.
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