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Not to freak you out, but a close friend of mine is being treated for a cancerous tumor in his tonsil...go get it checked out.
I had a walk through a Zara recently and was pleasantly surprised at the selection and decent prices of some items.
A casual backyard BBQ? I know this is SF but i would wear shorts and a polo shirt, check out the Brooks Brother's site, everything you see there is classic and acceptable...and buy some jeans...just not dad jeans...lighten up..have fun ..life is short
Quote: Originally Posted by Nstar Still trying to figure out where to buy these in Toronto...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! In order to buy these in Toronto you will need to go to Pearson and buy a ticket to New York. Despite being the centre of the known universe....you cannot buy G&G in Toronto.
I like this;
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat In London today, so picked up my Greshams kopped during the sale a few weeks back. Wore them out the door and headed straight to Cleverley. Amazingly, they still had a few Anthony Cleverleys on sale in my size, was tempted by a 3-eyelet derby but passed. I'm really, really digging the Greshams... may have to double dip in another color. btw, also spent 4 hours at the AS factory with Chay. Will post pictorial...
Keep the camel..it's rockin..
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Very nice. +1 Those are great looking Dovers, congrats!
Happy New Year gentleman, I am on the first day of my holidays and writing this to you from sunny and beautiful Medellin, Colombia!! Leaving behind a cold Canadian winter. I suspect I am one of the many member of this board that religiously read the WAYWRN threads for inspiration,education and entertainment. I feel it is not appropriate to comment in that thread as I do not post my own fit pics. However i wanted to take the time to say a few words here. I think it...
Those are very nice..do you know what last they are on? Looks a lot like EG's 888 Good luck with the sale
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