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Beautiful ties Dandie, thanks for sharing, I will attempt to take some pics of the 2 I recently received, a 3rd on the way with swatches...uh-oh!!
I was looking at the Alex as I want a black boot , but there is a 50 pound up-charge from A Fine Pair of Shoes to change the colour, are these available elsewhere without this charge?
Dude how about some anonymity? it's the freakin internet! do these a medallion on them? hard to tell with the dark colour of suede
Interested and looking forward to the pictures! **EDIT** Love this, but too close in color to an existing suit...GLWS
Really??While I don't doubt TTO's awesomeness as a gentleman, I think if newbie showed up in this outfit...he would be slaughtered by the fit police here.
Lundquist stood on his head tonight...and Bobbby Lou was....weak..especially on the second goal...good tribute for Ripper..
+1Great look!
Zara had some nice ones on my last walk through...
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