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Lundquist stood on his head tonight...and Bobbby Lou was....weak..especially on the second goal...good tribute for Ripper..
+1Great look!
Zara had some nice ones on my last walk through...
Yes I think you were looking only at the price inclusive of VAT tax, if you order from outside the UK you do not pay the VAT tax, so the price is270 GBP=416.28 USD
You should be able to get C&J Lowndes from Pediwear for around $400 http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockett/products/2279.php
I think you will find that most people in this forum tuck their shirts in as a rule.
they used to use UPS, i am now dreading the $150 order I made yesterday showing up...
I own this in 46R and it is one of my favorites, very lightweight cashmere, perfect for spring and summer GLWS
+1very good thanks!
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