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Can you imagine the hoopla about these guys if they were Canadian?
that's a nice gesture Bob, Merry Christmas!
I agree with APC new standards, and also J Brand which i picked up from Barney's very nice dress denim
I'm not sure where you are located, but if you have a chance to drop in a BB store, check some of these out, I have a couple of the argyle half zips from last year, made in China but very heavy and nice quality for the price.
I have an Arnold brant in dark chocolate brown, it doesn't get out much, but it's great for art gallery openings or other semi casual events, wear with jeans and a nice shirt...what the hell...
[/quote] name="ianGP" url="/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/17550#post_4968931"]Didn't get too much love with the 2 open buttons on my shirt so I'm going up one Here's my Sunday: [[SPOILER]] Methinks the jeans are abit too tapered towards the bottom but that's how they came I'm waiting for some Borrelli jeans from my tailor to finish being hemmed. Adds about another quarter/half inch at the opening.[/quote]Much much better... I think this looks...
this is how I wish I had started out, Go here; Sign up for the deal flyers(this is a must, you will get these suits for $249-$289 USD, the Arnold Brant is $800 at Harry "Rip Off" Rosen) and buy something like this; or...
Yes when I got a price from AFPS, it included the 10% SF discount
Yes, I don't really understand it, and I hate to pay more for black...but with the VAT refund and the SF promo it works out to $405 pounds, pretty good price for nice boots, I'm probably going to pull the trigger.
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