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If I were to draw a line between MC and SW&D I think it would be tucking in shirts...this thread lost me when the untucked shirt showed up.
I see Chara didn't pick any Canucks...LOL...108.8MPH slapper is just CRAZY!!!! you have contact info?
Have you guys seen these yet??....I like them!,default,pd.html?cgid=BARNEYS
Hi guys...does Vass do a crepe sole? Thinking of getting a suede chukka,but want a crepe sole...
Hi..where did you get this price from Holt's Harry's? other? Thanks!!
That's awesome...he was an awesome player!
They seem much more interested in building a business than providing a good product, he didn't mention the product once.
I can't wait for their metabolisms and real life to catch up with those guys!!!
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