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I am..well White Rock
Thanks!the groom is a 2 star so should be a great time
Hi guys, I'm attending a family wedding at West Point this fall. The dress for the dinner reception is tuxedo optional. So I am opting for a tuxedo. I doubt I'll get much of a chance to wear a tuxedo that often, but having one in the closet ready to go could lead to more invitations :-) however this will be a budget package! So I've picked up this from Ebay I...
202 last?
They have stretched a bit, I've probably worn them less than a dozen times, I would buy them tight.
nice looking boots!
yeah I had one, there was a small amount of pain, but the dope is pretty good, just man'll be fine
Another horrible leafs game on HNIC...what a joke that team is.
Good day gentlemen, I did a search but couldn't find an answer, so I'm here to ask the experts; Are any of the tailors you use able to get LP Storm System fabrics for outerwear? I was hoping to find something in a grey tweed to have an overcoat made, open to other ideas as well, Thanks!!
I have a pair on order from AS, as I already have a pair of EG chelsea's in brown, I plan to wear with denim and sportcoats mostly.
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