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I've just picked up another 3 shirts from Angelo, I've been quite busy with him the last 18 months or so, I adore the shirts. $170-180 takes about 3 weeks. His english isn't that great so be patient...I have been and I am very happy with the results. Cheers, Morgan
Quote: Originally Posted by mps23 does this 22 yr old really pay that close attention to what you wear? if you're going to per se, I'd wear a nice suit, but otherwise, a nice pair of jeans & an untucked dress shirt & sweater probably look nice enough, but not stuffy. depending on the young woman, if you're overdressed, she might think you're a stiff. just dress comfortably, & how you'd like to dress. if you overthink things, you'll be...
Where do you live? Do you have nice jeans? In La or anywhere else on the West Coast you could wear the white shirt without a tie , the Black Jacket,nice jeans and look very fashionable,without making your date feel weird,but most of relax and enjoy,be yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robertito Scott Weiland was a presenter on the 2007 American Music Awards recently and looked pretty wonderful. Was that before or after another trip to rehab, jumped off the wagon after 4 years..man's gonna kill himself one of these days...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I have, or had, a pair. I'll look downstairs to see if it is still around. I don't remember it fitting very well. They had to come up with a swatch for me, so you might be able to ask them under my name. It was ordered through Malouf's in Burlingame in the Spring of 2006. The color was nice. Hang on a sec I may have a pair of Edward Green shoes kicking around the basement. MATT-What else you got...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeskali it was the ny store. i dont get angry, particularly over a hack suit salesman who makes in a yr what i make in a mo. however, its just funny that if they had a clue, they would praise and compliment the customer ingratiating themselves and giving a very good chance at making a sale however big or small it may be The world has a funny way of mirroring our beliefs, You saw him as a "hack suit salesman who...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Three-eyelet chukkas with vibram sole (Canali). Very dark chocolate brown and a very fine nap are hard to photograph. Love 'em Just got home with these!!!
Awesome!! I've been eyeballing these on sale at Holt Renfrew,any idea who makes them?
I bought a Navy camelhair Arnold Brant jacket from STP, it is much heavier than the same jacket in Cashmere,it is VERY warm, not sure if all camelhair is that heavy??? Anyways I wear it with grey tweed slacks,charcoal flannel,and some tan slacks. As versatile as any navy jacket IMO except for the wieght which makes it a late fall,winter wear only. Hope this helps.
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