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Holt's is 40% off too..I'm going to hold out for the 70% after Xmas...
I want a suit just like that!!!!!! Would you say it is a medium grey flannel chalkstripe?
he looks like Rob Lowe...anyways have a look at the comments for this picture at Sartorialist if I recall correctly someone points out that he works for Polo, or not can't quite remember!
The Waterville coat has arrived, first impressions were that it is much lighter than it looks, is very warm, almost too warm here last week. Also I received 4 compliments on it in the span of 5 mins from a group of female friends when I arrived at a function. well worth the $$ on sale now for $493
I recieved the 25% coupon by email they have been sending me regular enticements to come back and spend more money!! You should be able to get at least 20% off, check the link in the sticky section Will post the total cost and my impressions as soon as Mr.UPS shows up!
I live in Vancouver but have to travel East during the Winter... I have just ordered this from STP in Charcoal With a recent 25% discount, it worked out to $450 ish shipped, haven't recieved it yet can update when I do if you wish.
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 Fisher Paykel dual drawer dishwashers (AUS) are sweet (as far as apliances can be) Maytag fridges are nice to ... Realy depends on the budget ... Check out the new Fisher & Paykel French Door, nice looks nice price.. I would avoid anything Korean made.
DCS Grills are the best, however they are in the luxury category...
I've just picked up another 3 shirts from Angelo, I've been quite busy with him the last 18 months or so, I adore the shirts. $170-180 takes about 3 weeks. His english isn't that great so be patient...I have been and I am very happy with the results. Cheers, Morgan
Quote: Originally Posted by mps23 does this 22 yr old really pay that close attention to what you wear? if you're going to per se, I'd wear a nice suit, but otherwise, a nice pair of jeans & an untucked dress shirt & sweater probably look nice enough, but not stuffy. depending on the young woman, if you're overdressed, she might think you're a stiff. just dress comfortably, & how you'd like to dress. if you overthink things, you'll be...
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