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My first Carmina's
beautiful bag, great thread!
Isn't the Italian polish they offer a premium finish?
Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered the Anders loafer in suede and brown, these will be my first Carmina's
well done and congratulations!
I can tuck the pockets in and they look great. I've worked with Blair before, but too far from home. I have a local guy that's pretty good
Hi guys, My Ebay tuxedo arrived today, first impressions are favourable considering the price and how often I will get to wear it Fabric is 100% wool and lapel facings are satin. In hindsight I should have ordered the R instead of the L Maybe my tailor can shorten it? I had considerd the Benjamin from Ehaberdasher and I'm sure it's a better product, but this will work for...
I went with the Mezlan slip ons. Found them for $219
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