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Yes, the shirt sizing varies depending on the model. I bought the Endurance work shirt and the shoulders measured 18. I bought the jackrabbit in the same size S and the shoulders was 16.5. 
Looks G like the other guy said. lol. I can't pull this look off. 
  ^ Yay or Nay?
  ^ yay or nay?
  ^ Yay or nay?
  ^ Its rigid & Machine washable. I was wondering if they'll shrink after wash. Can anyone confirm?
I got the cpo le jacket. It fits loose and the sleeves are long by an inch. Do you guys just roll the sleeve up once so that it wont look too long on your arms?
looks good and the patch is alright. its not in your face branding. its just a random nautical insignia. 
some rrl jackets r made in china too. But are chinese made products necessarily mean lower quality since ralph probably has alot of business in china.
 ^ Its on Unionmade site.
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