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TOTALLY AGREE. Their stuff is nice but overpriced and there are sizing inconsistencies. Many brands even good ones need to standardize their sizing so people like us can shop online with ease. I don't want to be mailing shit back and in some cases i wont even buy online cause of sizing inconsistency.
That is so fucked up. I understand how u feel.
i need those pajamas asap!
how did yall see the catalog?
buy me a rrl sweater for christmas.
I think 3 inches of room minimum for chest measurements. So my chest ~36.5 + 3 = 39.5 ill be a small in apolis chore jacket.
On the Nordstrom website, it says the Apolis chore jacket is True to Size. 
How much room do you guys give your chest in a shirt? So if your chest is 36 how much inches would you give for a shirt? Because the apolis xsmall chore jacket has a chest of 37 if their size chart is accurate. I only have about an inch of movement. 
How does the Hiker jacket fit? True to size?
Thanks for the reply Kent. But the size chart says 18.5 (37 inches) for XS. Wouldnt that mean I only have ~1 inch of room? Because my chest measures 36-37. I am 5'6 to 5'7 at a 145 lbs. I'm just worried the chest might be too tight. I am somewhat square chested. For reference, I am small in JCrew slim fit shirts.
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