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  yay or nay?
Return that shit.
are RRL jeans True to size? I wear 31x30 501 Levis. What is my size for RRL?
WOW. nice.
  this jacket yay or nay?
Yes I agree. Ike Jacket is cut really high. I dont know how people are going to wear that. J Crew released an ike jacket fall 2014 and many reviewers complained about the length (though I dont think they knew that it was suppose to be cut short).
  here u guys go. British patient RRL Spring 2015.
linen wool jacket runs small. Size up one. So I am a XS in Apolis. I am a S in the wool linen chore jacket.
 Depends. What do you want to know about it? Shirt, jacket, pants, etc. They're releasing an Eisenhower leather jacket. There is also another variation of the deck jacket that was released during fall. Its khaki in color and instead of a button up, its a zip up.
yea we need them here in cali. Haha
New Posts  All Forums: