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what is more exciting than that?
I like the mint, cassat, ecru nep, cinnamon and the turquoise one. I also like how they're in raglan sleeve.
the olive color looks amazing.
are you guys going to restock or produce new CPO jackets? 
What size is he wearing?
I sent a message to returns@apolisglobal.com but I did not get a reply for quite some time. I was wondering if you guys were busy due to the sample sale Apolis hosted during the weekend. 
HOLY SHIT. Lol it is!!!
I think the CPO fits the same as the wool chore jacket. I tried on both in XS. The wool chore jacket's sleeves are slightly shorter. Apolis jackets have slim arm and sleeves. I had to return the CPO jacket because I have forward shoulders. Shoulder room was a little bit too tight. I'm upset because I really liked the CPO jacket. 
more like too expensive. And theyre gunna decrease sale rates? Wtf.
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