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  ^ Its rigid & Machine washable. I was wondering if they'll shrink after wash. Can anyone confirm?
I got the cpo le jacket. It fits loose and the sleeves are long by an inch. Do you guys just roll the sleeve up once so that it wont look too long on your arms?
looks good and the patch is alright. its not in your face branding. its just a random nautical insignia. 
some rrl jackets r made in china too. But are chinese made products necessarily mean lower quality since ralph probably has alot of business in china.
 ^ Its on Unionmade site.
Unionmade has measurements but I'm not sure if they're 100% accurate.   
  ^ The Rawlins Jacket's color does not look like the one shown on the web. lol.  
Yea there was a 40+40 sale. It was definitely a glitch. it happened 2 weeks ago on thursday early in the morning 4am. It was stopped but then the glitch went on again at midnight i believe. I hope it happens again. Fingers crossed. hahaha
what do u wana know about it? I'm 5'7 145lbs with a chest of 38. I got XS. Fits snug. If u want to layersize up one. Other than that pretty good jacket.
I received my mech ch0re jacket. It has a distinct smell lol. It fits ok. The chest sits alil low. The buttons are ok. The neck and wrist buttons r reinforced well. The buttons on the body are reinforced like a key chain. Lol. Rrl has weird proportions. I cant button the neck but i can button using the extended neck tab. The shoulder seam passes my shoulders. I am stocky for my height and weight too. I think my shoulders are around 17. So i dont know who in the world has a...
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