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BR Emerson/Gavin or GAP Lived In Khakis. 
Holla!   I am interested in a denim jacket but most jackets have longer sleeves than I would like. How do you guys deal with that? Alterations? tailor? Rolling up the sleeves?
I wear   S in BR shirts S in JC XS in BB XS in GAP   I am 5'7 147lbs square shoulders and stocky. 37 chest, 31 waist, 14.5 neck.
Help me out styleforum!
I can't decide between 2 elastic waist Jogger pant sizes.   Measurements for extra small: Waist is 25.5 - 33 inches (stretched out) Hip measurement is 37.75   Measurements for Small: Waist is 28.5 - 36 inches (stretched out) Hip measures 40.75     My waist measures 31. My hips measure ~36.5.   Which size should I get? Small or Xsmall?
When you say trend you mean people are wearing jogger pants casually? If thats the case, I like the idea because when I dress casually, I would want to factor in comfort as well.
unless you want to look like a goof ball tucking in short sleeve shirts is a big N.O. Its already bad as it is when the sleeves of the shirts are too long.
I've read other threads about stacking. Most people prefer stacking on slim fit jeans. No stacking on straight fit jeans and pants/chinos.   How does the rule apply to slim fit twill pants?   Also what do you guys think of stacks on straight jeans?
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