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1   2       ^ Sweater one, two or neither? Thanks!
Rrl has better design but iron heart will probably be better in terms of quality.
I have this. xD
on feet? I prefer lows.
Apolis Wool Chore Coat in Navy Colorway from Fall 2014   Pre-owned (Worn a few times) Navy colorway (Not indigo) Raglan sleeve 4 pockets Fallen Buffalo Horn buttons Antique Nickel Reinforcements Made in the USA Approx. Measurements: Chest: 19 Sleeve: 32.75 Body length: 26.25 Sweep: 18.5   ​​​​I decided to sell it because its a little bit too small for me.    ​​Purchase through Ebay using link below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/281915266876?
What about these?   http://www.suprgood.com/collections/slim-2-wallets     They're about 3.5 x 2.4 x .35 inches
  Picture from last November but I thought it might be nice sharing it with you guys. :)
where did u get the jacket?
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