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I sent a message to returns@apolisglobal.com but I did not get a reply for quite some time. I was wondering if you guys were busy due to the sample sale Apolis hosted during the weekend. 
HOLY SHIT. Lol it is!!!
I think the CPO fits the same as the wool chore jacket. I tried on both in XS. The wool chore jacket's sleeves are slightly shorter. Apolis jackets have slim arm and sleeves. I had to return the CPO jacket because I have forward shoulders. Shoulder room was a little bit too tight. I'm upset because I really liked the CPO jacket. 
more like too expensive. And theyre gunna decrease sale rates? Wtf.
  ^ these chinese pork dishes are red but its not on the inside.
no. you'll risk getting tapeworms and pork tapeworm cysts. Same with drinking pork blood. You have to cook it completely.
  yay or nay?
  ^ Which one?
    What do you guys think?
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