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How does the Hiker jacket fit? True to size?
Thanks for the reply Kent. But the size chart says 18.5 (37 inches) for XS. Wouldnt that mean I only have ~1 inch of room? Because my chest measures 36-37. I am 5'6 to 5'7 at a 145 lbs. I'm just worried the chest might be too tight. I am somewhat square chested. For reference, I am small in JCrew slim fit shirts.
Im 5'6 and my chest measures 36.2 - 36.7. The chore jacket in xsmall has a chest of 37. The small has a 39 chest. which size should i get? The transit issue bomber in xsmall has a chest of 39 while the small has a chest of 42. What size should i get for that one?
Aiden chinos by BR.   btw, anyone know where to get tapered chinos?
How does club Monaco shirts in slim & modern slim compare with J Crew slim shirts? I wear a small in JC slim so what fit and size should i get for CM? My chest measures 36.7. neck 14.5.
 To each his own. You're bigger than I am and the hoodie fits well.
Yes they're so comfortable. Its like you're walking on clouds my friend said haha. I like this trend.
I bought a sherpa corduroy denim styled jacket from them. GQ collection was a disappointment for me. I'm on the small side and i wear XS to S in GAP tops and the gq stuff like the en noir pullover and the BTailors shirt was too big for my liking. Should have got the joggers by en noir and Elliot Co.
thank you.
Hey guys, my chest measures around 36-37. I usually wear shirts with 40 chest or 20 pit to pit. My shirts are usually sized small. The Gitman Vintage size chart for small is 19 p2p that means its 38 chest measurement. The Small sleeve is 25 inches. My sleeve is around 22 inches. The medium gitman vintage is 40 in the chest but the sleeve is 25. Do you guys think my body type can fit in a GTV? Or would the sleeves be too long? and would i still be able to move with the...
New Posts  All Forums: