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What season is that for? Spring?
It should work. I'm 5'7 147 lbs and I wear XS. 
How does the CPO shirt fit? For reference, I am XS in the RRL Endurance workshirt and the CPO LE shirt jacket. 
Does anyone know if rrl shirts shrink after wash? Particularly, their denim shirts? The ones i got arent raw but im wondering.
where did u get the henley?
I agree.  ^ Loved the distressing on these. 
Yes, the shirt sizing varies depending on the model. I bought the Endurance work shirt and the shoulders measured 18. I bought the jackrabbit in the same size S and the shoulders was 16.5. 
Looks G like the other guy said. lol. I can't pull this look off. 
  ^ Yay or Nay?
  ^ yay or nay?
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