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wtf thats lame. Are they going to jack up the price? I can barely afford them as it is now. The decrease in sales events is fine for me though.
 what!? that is insane. Who is going to buy their stuff at MSRP? lol. 
hope that works out for u. update us on what happens.
yeah fuck ebay.
ebay is buyer friendly. If u refuse a return, he can file complaint and you eventually have to let him return even tho you said no returns.
 Ralph Lauren clothing sizing is vastly different from size to size. I would probably say the difference between each size in chest for any sub brand is 4 inches. Ex) XS in a shirt would be a 36 chest whereas a S would be 40 chest. I own Rugby, POLO and RRL stuff. I'm a small in all 3. If I went XS, it would be too tight. Brands like Apolis have 2 inch chest size difference. Ralph Lauren shirts have 4 inches in chest size difference.
Dude even among RRL shirts the sizing varies. I bought the endurance shirt, the jackrabbit shirt and the tacoma shirt in the same size and they all fit differently. lol. The endurance had 18 shoulder whereas the jackrabbit one had 16.5. The jackrabbit had a 15 neck while the tacoma shirt had a 15.75 neck. The measurements are all over the place.
Why do you guys get upset about snobbish employees? I don't give a fuck about snobbish people and I usually don't seek help when i enter into these types of stores. I know what I am looking for. I purchase the item & I'm out. 
alright. Thanks!
the sneakers or the sweatshirts?
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