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I recently ordered a Brioni blazer from Yoox and upon inspection found there to be extra fabric in the inside pocket. It was cut in an irregular shape. Not extra buttons or anything else was included. Is this common or is this a sign that maybe the jacket was tailored before?   The inside label says "Brioni Roman Style Eslusivo per Nicola Portacci Taranto"    
Can anyone shed some light on him? Is his stuff worth the price tag? Quality?
Anyone have any experience with / thoughts on this brand?
Was returning something @ c21 and them impulse bought this..  
If the jacket will bring you more pleasure than the extra money spent over whatever you think it's worth then buy it. If spending that money on something else will bring you more pleasure then don't. So if you really love it, buy it and enjoy it - life's short! 
Who makes a nice full fur lined winter hoodie?
Basics: Where do you go for your White T's?
Gentlemen,   Opinions required. Ridicule acceptable.         Too gaudy? 
Hi all,    Please advise on authenticity. Thanks in advance.        
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