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I guess his inbox here is now flooded with dick pics. 
It's actually something I've been interested in ever since I read about. Would be great if Charly/Drew could clarify at some point. I'm sure they must have before..?   And I really hope the lamb on my MDR isn't on the thinner/more veiny side...
Well, I already assumed that the black lamb is of higher quality--given its reputation. My question was more about why that might or would be the case. My (naive) impression is that leather varies depending on the individual body it came from, but the dye is something added later. Hence, it shouldn't affect the substantiality of the leather much. However, I'm told that the black leather here is superior to the other colors--and I'm wondering how that happens. 
Happy to see it isn't as veiny as some other recent deliveries.    One question for people with experience with TOJ: why is black lamb considered the "house special?" I ordered a lamb MDR in a different color, but surely color shouldn't affect the substance/heftiness of the leather that much? I could be way off, hence asking people who know their leather. 
Lol, wtf. I can understand this rant in a different context but Armani Exchange of all things...
Interesting. Would've figured A2 might take top spot given how versatile it is (there are some occasions where the MDR is too flashy while the A2 can get a pass).
Just realized that the gallery indicates MDR as having the highest number of pictures. Is that the most popular TOJ item..?
Well, I'm all for that obviously, but it's barely 10 days to the end of 2014, and you're suggesting they'll cover August --> December? Hrmf. 
Glad to see people receiving more July and August orders (please update the spreadsheet to help out), but I'm still looking forward to the big surge that's supposedly to come. 
 Isn't that the sort of situation where they *would* get involved? Or, well, should, if capitalism ever inspired anyone to do anything good. Anyway, seems to me the card company would want to flex muscle exactly in situations involving apparently sketchy deals.
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