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All that said the leather from Crust continues to live up to the hype. I just want an oiled calf intarsia to show up somewhere...
No problem, glad you found a good source. Frans Boone does stock perhaps the widest range of sizes. If you do end up purchasing from there and are based in the US, please update to note whether you were hit with customs/fees, and how much.
 How much are you asking? I have no idea what it retailed for/what it'd go for now...
Nice to see this project coming along. I haven't checked on that in a while; are we closer now to an official launch?
So I'm having a pretty hard time finding the standard Achilles lows in 39 (I am US 7.5 generally, and it seems like 39 would work best for me; 40 might be a slightly looser fit and I hope to wear these with no-show socks in summer).   Ideally I'd like one of the vintage releases, but it's difficult finding even the normal ones at a not-outrageous price. Thinking of ordering from Frans Boone which comes to around $280. But hesitating because I don't know what to expect in...
I think I tried on a band-collar bomber (this was late summer of 2015 so figure out what season) in Paris and it was around 1800 Euros.
Any idea what season these are?
So I'm in the market for sneakers. I'm thinking along the lines of Lanvin/Buttero/Common Projects, but I wonder if SLP has something comparable? I realize all these brands are the usual names one drops when talking about non-Nike sneakers, but I do like their sharper designs. Ideally I'd want a low-top, minimalist pair, which is one reason CP Achilles currently leads my list. Thoughts?
Depends on how you like your fit, I suppose? I like mild stacking that stops at or just shy of the strap. The rest of it as close to the skin as possible, of course. 
Actually just the standard Achilles low, likely in navy. But I need a size 39--based on everything I've read about CP sizing--which is not so easy to come by. FB seems to have a really good selection of models and they carry 39 in most of them. Do you mean you paid $300 + the actual purchase price from the webstore? Or just $300 in total? If the latter then that isn't too bad since they are listed at around $280 non-EU. If the former--yikes.  Edit: The exact pair I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: