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Ah, finally an MDR. But damn, an end-July '13 order! If I'm lucky there may not be *that* many MDR orders since a lot of people seem to prefer DR/A2/non-leather jackets...
 Those colors are almost identical. In the first picture light's reflecting off it, giving it a shine and some 'depth.' Second picture, soft light, no shine, 'flat' look. Doesn't help that the background is a cream-ish shade. There are color variations, but I don't see much going on between those two. Distorbiant: "A lot" being...? I think there's only one person here who ever posted toffee tan leather colors, so I was going off of that. I recall it being more caramel-y...
How much of a difference between medium whiskey (which I seem to recall varied a fair bit across batches) and toffee tan? Any idea?
So a quick recap--all the people who're receiving shipments had placed their orders between June and...when? August? Sept. 2013?    Also, I remain surprised by the lack of MDR posts. Either it isn't that popular or for some reason it's not a priority manufacture (?)
Darn, still no MDRs. Did nobody order MDRs circa June-August 2013?
I think unusual leathers are an exception, though. E.g., I remember when I ordered my toffee tan lambskin, somewhere along the line Charly mentioned that they'd had to buy stock to cover my order. So if, now, I want to change it, they'd probably want me to at least find someone for that so the stock isn't a net loss? Just a guess...
So...does this mean unusual makeups will be shipped dead last?
Well, yes, but presumably confirming the shipping address is indication that shipments will follow shortly.    Then again, I don't know what "shortly" means in TOJ's dictionary!
Very pleased to see a burst of shipment confirmation notices. Perhaps someone could review the past few pages and figure out which models are seemingly taking longer and which are being shipped out earlier? Not sure I saw any MDR posts. 
 This is, of course, the worst-case scenario. It's one that I am willing to entertain, but only if we can also come up with an appropriate solution. Short of a mass trip to a personal confrontation to work out refund terms or something similar, I'm at a loss. At the same time, it's obviously unreasonable to wait 5 years or so for an order. Some are now approaching two years, so 5 may not even be ludicrous. Paypal and similar refund options are out of question because their...
New Posts  All Forums: