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Lol, wtf. I can understand this rant in a different context but Armani Exchange of all things...
Interesting. Would've figured A2 might take top spot given how versatile it is (there are some occasions where the MDR is too flashy while the A2 can get a pass).
Just realized that the gallery indicates MDR as having the highest number of pictures. Is that the most popular TOJ item..?
Well, I'm all for that obviously, but it's barely 10 days to the end of 2014, and you're suggesting they'll cover August --> December? Hrmf. 
Glad to see people receiving more July and August orders (please update the spreadsheet to help out), but I'm still looking forward to the big surge that's supposedly to come. 
 Isn't that the sort of situation where they *would* get involved? Or, well, should, if capitalism ever inspired anyone to do anything good. Anyway, seems to me the card company would want to flex muscle exactly in situations involving apparently sketchy deals.
Yeah as nice as all these rumors/about-to-possibly-happen things are, it'd still be a bit of a feat considering it is holiday season everywhere. 
If you're right about that, then it is going to be huge. Do you have any idea what month orders may be included? Like, are we up to November '13? Dec.? Just wondering. 
Frankly, you've usually caused far less frustration from what I've seen--if anything people genuinely appreciate your comments and sympathize with your position. It's just that Drew tends to make comments which don't really lead to much action later on that causes 90% of the frustration here. I haven't yet asked for a refund and am still unsure (waiting to see what happens after Drew's last update), but wow I'd be pretty annoyed if my money were being held for weeks with...
Frankly, if after all this drama I receive a jacket that has some fuck-up somewhere, I'm just going to toss it in the trash. *So* not even worth the bother of raising a fuss/sending it back/demanding refund. Not after this shitfest. 
New Posts  All Forums: