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Deadlines? No, nobody gives a shit about deadlines.    Repeated evidence of dire ineptitude in just about every way imaginable? Good luck getting tenure with that. And it's a small world here, word travels fast. Doesn't take much to shred a reputation for good. 
Received my Rick Owens high-neck intarsia today. From Crust, hammered lamb. Dust color. 9/10 condition. What can I say, it's just a beautiful thing. As for TOJ: I imagine it'll get here some day. If not, fortunately $800 isn't going to give me a headache, but I feel bad for others for whom it may be a dent. Fuck TOJ. In my profession (academia) this level of ineptitude would pretty much get you blacklisted worldwide and you'll never work at least in the field again. And...
Nice to hear the toffee tan tends more toward darker brown than tan/orange!
Man, all I know is this will be a good year for me. I have a Rick Owens Crust high-neck intarsia coming in next week (hammered lamb), hopefully the ToJabroni will send my jacket at some point in the year, and I just found out I'll get to visit Scotland for a conference in summer. Bring it on.   Edit: Uhh. Visited BLK DNM website to see what's up. Greeted by this. Der fuq?     Edit 2: Silly walks. I get it. 
What I can't comprehend is how Distorbiant is like, 20? Or something? And has a constant rotation of Rick Owens/other designerwear. Like wtf? I suspect he's a digital gangster.
Eh, I can see that it's all fairly well fit together, so that's always a good thing. And the boots are quite nice--grey enough that it can go with black-ish clothing. Quite versatile; I might even get them. But beyond that I guess it comes down to whether one prefers that whole aesthetic or not? I mean, I'm not a jeans-and-tee person so I probably wouldn't give it a second glance outside of a fashion forum.
Honestly I'm kind of surprised that relations between Charly/Dan/whoever else and Drew haven't become very strained by now. I mean, I don't know too many people who're willing to spend their time and energy responding to a mass of 'net goons that's angsty over long-delayed goods...with no recompense (and I mean the $ kind). 
Closing this thread would be a silly idea since Drew is clearly reluctant to communicate by other channels. At least he posts here, regardless of how infrequently or how off-base the information he offers may be. If I remember, the complaints were much worse even a few months ago. Yes, there hasn't been any big surge of shipments, and yes I'm waiting for Drew to post something about whatever the latest hold-up is, but there does seem to be a steady if slow stream of people...
I like to think nahneun's angsty/h8rade comments are actually being made by the female in their avatar. Makes it funnier somehow. 
And the first sucker falls for it. 
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