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 You do realize I didn't actually comment on materials or construction, right?  I just said it looks terrible. And seeing it on a body, I'll reiterate that. I'm sure it looks badass/great for those who're into that look, or whatever; it's just that it is way too busy/edgy for my tastes. 
^My first impression was that it's got sequins all over. Waaaaay too busy with all those buttons and zipper chains and the bling on top of the epaulets, IMO.
Seconding request for more information on this. 
Oh yeah, to what was the clarified butter/olive oil thing a response? I'm big on cooking so that was particularly amusing, if something of a non sequitur. 
Oh hey, finally Drew mentions MDRs...
Sooo...2 more weeks left in this month. 
 x100. This makes me so mad--well, chagrined really. It's absurd that there actually does not exist an MDR that equals or outdoes the TOJ model. If there were one, I really don't mind paying SLP prices for that. BUT there doesn't exist such a thing, and so here I am. What a total fiasco.  Edit: Oh, cool, all-leather delivery from December 2013. DARE I EVEN HOPE? (I'm a Dec. '13 MDR order)
lol honestly why don't you try reading--you seem a bit inept at it.   You do realize the thread's a continuing conversation, right? And that jumping in at the end probably means you have no clue what happened over the last X pages? So, FYI, yes, I do have a jacket order pending. Also FYI, I was quite interested in and appreciative of what I saw of TOJ circa mid/late-'13, which is what led me to place an order, even though leather jackets are definitely not my thing....
Honestly? Fanboyism. IMO the wallets looked completely ordinary (and I'm a bifold-type wallet person so they were even less attractive). 
 That does look very nice. Order date?
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