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So...does this mean unusual makeups will be shipped dead last?
Well, yes, but presumably confirming the shipping address is indication that shipments will follow shortly.    Then again, I don't know what "shortly" means in TOJ's dictionary!
Very pleased to see a burst of shipment confirmation notices. Perhaps someone could review the past few pages and figure out which models are seemingly taking longer and which are being shipped out earlier? Not sure I saw any MDR posts. 
 This is, of course, the worst-case scenario. It's one that I am willing to entertain, but only if we can also come up with an appropriate solution. Short of a mass trip to a personal confrontation to work out refund terms or something similar, I'm at a loss. At the same time, it's obviously unreasonable to wait 5 years or so for an order. Some are now approaching two years, so 5 may not even be ludicrous. Paypal and similar refund options are out of question because their...
ricesuit: Thank you for making an effort to go again. If you do, could you try to get a firm response (i.e. one without a 1,000 word explanation/excuse/other tale of woe) to any one of these questions:   1. What is the current status of daypack/wallets? 2. When are they expected to be shipped? 3. Drew said some jacket styles are currently in Nov.-Dec. order manufacture stage--which ones?
MDR is the only DR model that works on smaller frames, IMHO. Eg., I think the guy in Distorbiant's links looks silly in that jacket in the way an orchestra pianist would look silly wearing KISS gear.
^ Thanks for the measurements. I assume it's wool, or..?
That Raf Simons digicamo looks great! Measurements for size 46 and 48, please? And what's the material?
Hence me being unimpressed with the lack of any noticeable action on their part to make amends for the unexpected (per Drew's lengthy explanations) delays over summer. Giving him maximum leeway, surely now that Dan is back and zipper issues are presumably being resolved, we have a right to see shipping pick up? We'll just have to wait and see. 
 Really produces mixed reactions in me. I'm glad to hear that they are clearly doing well and are aware of our complaints. I'm less than impressed with the lack of any visible response (by way of actually shipping out products, or providing updates, etc.).  Thanks for providing a status report though, ricesuit. Here's hoping the next few months see some improvement. 
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