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So just to clarify--what's the present status of TOJ accepting/not accepting further orders?
I have a Rag and Bone Hendon Shirt that's basically in BNWOT condition. It's a beautiful muted green as in the included image. Size S. I can post images of the actual item if you're interested.  Retails for and purchased at $395. I'm asking $150. OR, if you have the same item in XS, I'm willing to do a trade + difference if any.
 Got before/after pictures? 
Perfect. Going to email Charly after I re-do measurements. Will ask for 1/2 placket, but no suede name patch. Brown lamb. Hope they don't get mad!
 This is great, thanks so much. Yeah, I really want it minimalist, hence I don't think I'll go for the name tag. Good point about the sleeves. I assume you have it in lamb. 
 Why? I'm about to switch my order from MDR to A2 brown lambskin so I'm pretty interested in thoughts on the A2.
Thanks for the length thing. Guessing that applies to sleeves as well. Will go for 1/2 placket. Still not sold on the suede, though. 1) I'd really like to be able to wear it over everyday outfits (which for me is button-down shirts, khakis, oxfords); 2) I kind of like the cleanness of the front rather than have the name patch break it up. See http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=15379&g2_serialNumber=4
Welp. Okay. I'm going to request my order to be changed to the A2, either brown lambskin or dark brown goat (no go if this is unavailable as someone else commented). I don't think I'll ask for the suede name patch. Do they still do a 3/4th placket? 1/2 placket looks a bit odd...    Could anyone else who's switched orders advise? The A2 has ribbing and ribbed cuffs whereas the MDR doesn't, so I'm guessing I will need to take some fresh measurements.
Oh well, makes it easier to choose if I do end up switching to the A2. Seems more and more likely though. How's the brown lamb? Anyone have it?
 That's a start, thanks. How do you find the A2, weight-wise? Would you say its heavier/more substantial than the MDR? And how's it meant to fit? Very close to the body, or do you layer underneath? Could it be just thrown on in spring/summer (on cooler days) or is it very much a f/w thing?
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