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Honestly depends on what you are wearing them with. My wife *loves* the silhouette created by the combination of the black D02 jeans and the Hedi 30s. And I can easily see why--it really does look striking. The slightly-higher-than-usual heel works wonders.  Shoe trees and care can help with creasing, but in the end--they are boots. Even a bespoke Lobb or the like will crease. Suede, I think, will work just as well if it's in black. Yes it'll maintain shape, but in this...
Does the coated FW15 D02s fade to a lighter grey-ish color, or what? I'm noticing some "area" fading around my left knee (not talking about normal denim whiskering/"fadez" here). Just curious. I really like the deep black color of the jeans--were one of my main reasons for finding it such a minimalist gem, so I hope it doesn't fade into something grey...
^ Those brown suede boots with the light blue jeans -- are they a suede version of Hedi 30s?    Also: who actually makes SLP's footwear? Brooks Brothers sometimes uses Edward Green, Rancourt, etc. Anyone know about SLP?
I'm letting my D2s stack on the 30s. They look wonderful and have changed my opposition to stacking jeans.
So, somewhat related question. I've realized that the Hedi 30 look is really growing on me. I might get the suede version in the near future. But who else makes similar stuff? My guess is I'll need to look at non-US makers: C&J, Carmina, and the like. But what do you guys think? Particularly interested in the combination of sleek last + higher-than-usual heel.
Would definitely appreciate it. B Nelson quoted me $40/pair for Topy or similar which is quite reasonable, I think. I'm planning on visiting SLP in NYC on my return to ask about recommendations as well. 
Alright. Appreciate the words of caution! I'll look around the forum. Have heard B. Nelson mentioned several times in NYC.
1) To my mind most of the problems you mentioned shouldn't crop up with a competent cobbler, but   2) What do you suggest, then? I'm based in NYC--I'm sure someone in that city is capable of slapping on rubber onto a pair of shoes without wrecking it. 
Thanks--my thinking as well. Any names you can share? Can this be done by any competent cobbler?
Pretty important question (IMO): how do you guys care for the sole of SLP boots/shoes? The Hedi 30s I bought are showing some sole wear already (been walking around Paris a bit). I hope to put Topy on them soon after I get back to the US. What do you people do/what have your experiences been?    I'm not even sure if they can be resoled (i.e. are Goodyear welted). The sole appears to be a 270 welt stitch? 
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