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Whoa, exotic leathers in jackets? This should be intriguing.
Actually, seeing all the lovely wallets in this thread, I'm thinking more and more about an SF  x ___ collaboration to make a luxe variant on the Secrid design. I don't know how many here might be interested, but there seems to be ample talent on these boards to take on such a project...
Yes. Also the "trigger" mechanism that pops out the cards up the top is pretty useful, I've found.
I've become quite a fan of Secrid wallets. It's too bad the leather is rather obviously mediocre. If someone were to up the ante with premium leather, I would so be in for that.   
Really clean lines on the bomber. You say you accept custom orders--MA1 style possible?
Picked up Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather just before leaving the EU. Sweet, sweet duty-free goodness. I had no idea it's so overpriced in the US.   Anyway...wow. I normally do not like leather scents as they are often "sharp" to the nose. Acrid, perhaps. This is the first leather scent I really love. It's smoother, more rounded. The leather seems to verge on a woodiness, or perhaps an earthiness, that grounds it very comfortably but with distinct refinement. Lasts a long time...
Okay, so I'm a fan of numerous SLP classics. But I've never seen a single shirt from them that seems worth the silly prices SLP charge. I'm comparing to your basic "good" shirting (Kamakura, Brooks Brothers) to higher-end names (Brioni). The above shirt resembles something from Uniqlo.  So, genuine question: do you guys think SLP shirting is actually good? Or do you end up buying it simply because it's SLP? I love SLP's take on chelsea boots, jodhpurs, jeans, etc...but for...
Thing is, it varies unpredictably. I've purchased Saint Laurent Paris clothing/shoes in Paris for 2/3rd of NYC prices. And I've bought perfumes across Europe for up to half (Creed) of their US prices. But then with Common Projects and some other stuff, there's no real difference. I don't have enough of an economic background to make sense of this, lol.
I tried Le Labo but didn't find any of them appealing beyond Rose 31--and that was a very ordinary experience, too. Killian does have some nice offerings, I think--can't remember names off the top of my head. 
I have a very agnostic approach to perfumes. I've no loyalty to any particular house or maker--if it makes me curious, that's good. If it works well on my body, that's great. And if it intrigues me in a good way--I'll buy it. I tried about half a dozen Byredos over the past few days and Bal d'Afrique was the only one that left me unable to pinpoint just what it was all about, other than it smelled so, so good. Light, but complex. Fresh, but dark. Woody, but not heavy, and...
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