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Admittedly the fencing jacket from Julius is rather nice...design-wise. I have no experience with their materials, craftsmanship, etc.
Why does it matter that SL sales exploded under Slimane's tenure? Obviously, there is the purely economic argument. But at this level, people also care about tradition and other intangible matters. I can certainly see how the powers-that-be may have rejected the higher sales in favor of trying to wrest back control over the SL image, history, and tradition.
Wow I live in NYC and had no idea. All I've seen is their flagship store or whatever around Midtown.
Wtf? Where is this again? I didn't even realize SLP ever went for that kind of price point in the US.
Really wonder what, if any, difference there is between the Saphir Super Invulner and the Tarrago Nano. Significant price difference. Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of Saphir's Renovateur, shoe cream, and polish and use them on my Saint Laurent boots to excellent effect (as well as on CP sneakers). But I'm willing to bet there's no real difference between the waterproofing sprays...
I just returned from a couple weeks' traveling in which I wore off-white CP Achilles lows frequently. Used the Markk foaming solution to clean them up; it works wonderfully. Then used Renovateur to condition and buffed it to a like-new dull shine. I think that care process, applied once every few months, should be more than fine.  Edit: I'll add that all of this isn't really necessary. I've found that the off-whites stay quite clean (granted, I don't step in puddles...). I...
 This makes little sense to me. You can wear the Stooges, or the low/mid/(even!) high-collar intarsia jackets, or arguably even the mollino jacket, with anything. Think: t-shirt, D02, Hedi 30s, and one of those RO jackets. Replace the t-shirt with a freaking OCBD if you want. I don't see how the one RO item--jacket--means the overall fit is from RO's world. In fact I think what you say about SLP--"anything else...with exceptional tailoring and details" can apply to RO and...
This is quite useful. I would add that I rarely wear sneakers (until I discovered Common Projects Achilles, I'd never seen any other sneakers I liked). So in most oxfords/boots from Allen Edmonds, Alden, and European shoemakers, I'm a 7.5/39/40. For me, CP Achilles 40 fit fine. They are -slightly- longer in the toebox than any other pair of shoes I wear, but their narrowness means I don't actually feel like I'm wearing clown shoes when walking. And they don't look like...
Is it really crinkly? Like...the word makes me hear the sound of crumpling paper, and that's definitely not how it feels. My reference here is a '09 Crust hammered lamb intarsia. I can see cracked or crackled, though I really just feel it's a matter of how light bounces off the material. In some places its shinier than in other places. If anyone here has ever seen or used a hammered wok....well, that's it. 
Several SLP boots are very easily worked into business casual/"smart" casual outfits. I regularly wear OCBD+SLP/Rag & Bone jeans (black)+SLP Hedi 30s/Wyatt. Jacket/cardigan tends to be SNS Stark or Rick Owens intarsia.
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