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Photography sort of my field of expertise (history of, theory of, criticism of, etc.). These photographs look superficially arresting but are fairly indistinguishable from any other low-key/chiaroscuro-style-lit portraiture. Certainly not dealing with any Diane Arbus/Richard Avedon/Lee Friedlander-level material here.  Probably unpopular opinion since Slimane-worship is the norm here but whatever--not willing to let it pass when I actually know something of the matter....
Dropped off Hedi 30s and Chelsea 60mms at Leather Spa (NYC) for Topying. They kindly added a heel tap to the 30s as the rubber has worn down slightly. I held off on Topying the former mostly just because of life stuff and never really getting to it. So they've been worn fairly regularly--2-3x/week for about 2 years or so. Have to say they have held up very nicely, for all that they are "not Goodyear welted." The uppers have barely creased much (I use shoe trees of course)....
This makes perfect sense, of course--but I would point out that it isn't just the perceived length that's involved here. The sz. 40 Chelsea is actually shorter than the 39 Hedi* 30 by approx. 1 to 1.5cm. * I misspoke in the earlier post; turns out my Hedi 30s are actually 39, not 39.5.
Quick shots of newly-arrived 60mm Chelseas with noir filter slapped on because Hedi aestheticz lolz.    But seriously. These are 40 and my Hedi 30s are a 39.5. Somehow, these are slightly smaller in overall length and seen from above, actually have a slimmer (narrower) outline. The shaft is absurdly skinny and fits around my ankle like a glove. I am wearing LL Bean ragg wool socks as I live in New England/NYC and it's cold, so the fit will be more forgiving over dressier...
Found it: It is indeed Americana.
TIL Nordstrom Rack even stocks Rick Owens. I'm in NYC--there's this small store at a mall nearby, it's not Woodbury Commons and I can't recall the name right away. Anyway, this place is ludicrous, they stock RO, SLP, Common Projects, MMM, way more niche stuff like Ann D, and I think I even saw some Julius one time. Sale prices can get really good. Planning on checking them out this year during sale seasons to see if I can get something.
Someone on the Facebook thread pointed out something interesting: Vaccarello didn't even do a men's runway show. And apparently SAs are saying these are Slimane's final designs from Surf & Sound. Of course, could just be hot air. Regardless, these are full-blown Hot Topic and I was already skeptical of a lot of the old SLP shirting/tees, really just loved the denim, footwear, blazers, and outerwear.
Thanks. 3 out of what, 5? 
OK I'm convinced I want the 3 passants belt now. How does one size these? I'm usually 29" in bottoms so belts tend to be about 32"--sounds like the 80 would be fine for me?
Picked up 60mm Chelseas from '16, probably S/S but not sure. Will post when they arrive.
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