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Very interesting to see the low/high sole and last differences. Could someone comment on this? It looks like the cropped jodhpurs are in fact sleeker, slimmer?
SeF continues to confuse me. Some pictures make the toebox look bulbous; others (like the above post) indicate they'd compare well with elegant, tapered lasts. I guess I'm just going to wait until the 40mm is released and order a pair to compare with the SLP Hedi 30s.
 There is certainly some markup, but not to an extent that I find absurd. This, obviously, will depend to an extent on individual boundaries concerning income, priorities, etc. But there's a little more to that, which leads me to the second point: I think there is absolutely more to an SLP or other noted fashion house (not "fast" fashion) than a label. I disagree that you pay mostly for the label. You also pay for, as I said, the design and other tangible attributes. But...
To be fair, SLP fits better than almost any other RTW leather jacket, provided you aren't fat. I'll nominate Rick Owens' intarsia jackets as a rival, but I am admittedly partial to them. To do a custom job you would sacrifice on pattern, very likely on material, and almost certainly on manufacture. And to minimize the sacrifice you are going to end up paying something quite close to what you pay for an SLP. So I suppose it comes down to ability and priorities. Personally,...
So are the 40mm boots available to order yet?
I've been looking forward to this. Any comments on an ETA for the samples? I assume you'll be posting photos etc. when they are in hand.
Hard words to type, but I have to say that I'm overall disappointed with the coated D02s after a few months' wear. I've not washed them yet, but have had them dry cleaned with no noticeable difference. I really didn't expect the knees to expand so much. I ended up hemming the jeans as the material stretched there as well, causing the stacks to go farther down my Hedi 30s than I wished.   This was my first time with D02s so I'm glad to see that this isn't a consistent...
Will post photo of mine soon, but it's a stingray wallet by Tom Barrington, as shown here: http://www.tombarrington.com/Stingray-Leather-Wallet-BiFold-with-ID-Holder-Navy-Blue-wNatural-Leather-Interior_p_171.html   I purchased it about a year ago and it has aged beautifully. Some of the navy has faded on the exterior toward a pearly glow, while the natural interior has developed a nice patina. I'm planning on working some Obenauf's into the interior to darken it...
@LA Guy Just curious: do you wear your jackets really hard, or something? I'm relatively new to leather jackets (~5 years) so you may have been around them a lot longer, but it's just that I can't imagine "shredding" any of mine due to normal wear. That said, they (being all lamb) are likely more delicate than calf/horse/goat, but as someone else said--I don't think they can be beat for elegance.
Now this is a beautiful jacket. It's too bad the size is off, for me. I'd have been very interested, but I think I'm going to get the classic black RO high-neck intarsia from Crust--I've been on the hunt for that for a while as it is. I love how clean the CC jacket is. 
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