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Hey all, I hope this is the right thread for my questions.   My spouse and I are currently in Paris for the summer. We're returning to the US on separate flights. I understand that each of us will individually be subject to the $800 limit on personal goods. Are there any general tips we'd do well to keep in mind? Definitely planning on hitting up Creed for perfumes (at least 2-3), possibly a bottle of absinthe (I've read that they don't like the name to be displayed...
Damn, that A2 jacket looks terrible from the back. Just the difference between left and right side--the texture of the leather--is seriously off-putting. I'd say the lesson after all this drama is that you get what you pay for. Not that that's anything new, of course.
I'm curious what happened with the legal pursuits, if only to keep in mind for the future. 
 This could be quite interesting, especially with that texture (or whatever it is--I honestly don't know enough about leatherworking to be accurate). How much do you anticipate such a jacket might go for? Apologies if the topic has already been discussed; I just popped in because it was mentioned over in the TOJ drama thread.
Yes, well, you'd kind of have to compensate.
5'3"...4"...6"...I'm now genuinely curious what the average height of customers in this thread is.
Damn. Yeah, the vein issue is not new, but I've seen few clear pictures of it. Now that I have, I'm kind of glad I got out of TOJ when I did...I really don't like that kind of veiny appearance. 
 This man is a god damned poet.
Is there any word on the legal approaches? This spreadsheet stuff frankly just seems like a distracting sideshow designed to delay and obfuscate. 
Guy has asked us to email him so that he can track our order (or variations of that request) multiple times now. What makes you think he's going to do better with an even more complicated method, lol.
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