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The TLDR on this is that after hour 5 it's more or less 100% Guerlain Mitsouko. Not what I expected, and a bit disappointed after that promising opening. A bit too feminine at that stage.
So, trying Caron Narcisse Noir today. Decanted vintage sample, EDT. Never tried anything like it and it's hard to describe. It is woody and musky, but it is also citrusy and smoky. It's very clean nonetheless, nothing "animalistic" about it. Sweet and dark, is how it feels. Not sure how that works in words, but in person it's very inviting. 
Whoa, calm down people. My comment specifically addressed this part of the guy's search:  Minimalist, fashionable, slim-fitting? Yeah, I thought RO/Julius would fit the bill more than Schott--never said anything about being better or worse. :) Just a suggestion, that's all. Also was not trying to steer them away just adding some brands to the mix. 
 I'm a fan of SLP outerwear and footwear but that looks like a tragic $20 spent at Hot Topic.
For that price he can probably get something much more "fashionable" e.g. Julius/RO/maybe even MMM. Would certainly be a nicer (slimmer) cut.
^ Are you asking whether the jacket itself is genuine? Probably is, since you have the receipt etc. It won't sell beyond $1,000 at most, as that's the highest I've seen Rick Owens leathers go for on the secondary market. And that's an older model. So around $600-900. You can explain that O&M also produces for that other brand in the posting, I guess? I personally wouldn't really care but I can imagine others may.
You must be built like a rake...
 Genuinely don't mean to be obnoxious but I'm having some trouble seeing All Saints blending in with SLP/MMM. My understanding is that what sets SLP/MMM apart, aside from (even if marginally) better leather, is the cut and other little details that add up. Especially for SLP under Hedi Slimane's direction, I think. Also, if you're paying anything between $500-800, you can either do a custom order via something like Falcon here on SF, or hop on the secondary market and land...
On a different note, I've just ordered samples of Caron's Nuit de Noel, Narcisse Noir, and Yatagan. 
I tried this for the skinny coated jeans and the 30 and 40mm boots--didn't work. Went all the way through entering payment info so I have to assume I messed up or certain items are ineligible for the sale discount?
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