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Oh, damn. Definitely not going for chelseas then. Possibly the jodhpurs have a snugger fit?
In what way was the shape not really what you wanted? I'm still on the fence about this brand and since I really like a certain type of shoe last (SLP Hedi 30s as an example) I'm interested. 
$800! Or thereabouts. Buying SLP in Paris was a good idea. Buying Creed there was an even better idea--literally about half the price compared to NYC boutique.
Personally, I'm intrigued enough that I'll probably pick up a pair of black (suede) jodhpurs, either cropped or full. I love my Hedi 30 jodhpurs from SLP, but they just aren't meant to be an everyday wear pair (not saying they're poorly made; just not a beater pair).
Thanks! Is it true that SEF uses the higher heel like SLP? I don't really know much about SEF but have been following the thread with interest. Can you compare the general quality of the shoes (leather, how it breaks in over time, heels, stitching, etc.) with some other brands? I'm thinking SLP, Carmina, Crockett & Jones, etc. 
Can someone who owns SLP boots (chelseas, zips, or the jodhpurs--especially the non-cropped version) comment on Story et Fall's boot shapes? The toebox is certainly sleeker than the typical American clown shoes, but it seems to me SLPs have a slight chiseling that gives them something extra. 
Yes. It was funny to watch the different types who came in and bought stuff at SLP in Paris (I forget which one I'd gone to). Some were clearly nouveau riche types, probably attracted to SLP because of Justin Bieber or random celebrities. Some looked more established. But if you're young (ish) and have decent disposable income, SLP wants you.
   These two are worth heeding. Look at it this way. Drew is *completely* unconcerned with all of this, despite being clearly guilty of significant fraud. Of course, he might be a master poker player, but I don't know him personally. I find it interesting that someone can be so relaxed knowing this is still bubbling away somewhere. Meanwhile, TOJ shipments stopped, Falcon emerges, using the same facilities, and cranks out--not new, different products, but literally TOJs...
@LA Guy : How do you mean "not nonsensical"? I dislike most biker/rider style jackets (barring the TOJ MDR and the MMM 5-zip), but I find the Rick Owens intarsia high neck (and for that matter the moto-neck) jackets very versatile and generally wearable even if one isn't into the general style that Owens espouses. If anything it adds an interesting touch. SLP's more minimal offerings are of course excellent choices, no question, but I wouldn't limit it thus. 
@Odd I/O : Sadly, not just you. I too noticed the veins on the left shoulder. I guess it was too much to hope for. All goodwill to those who don't mind them, but I find them unacceptable. 
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