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Oh I'm sure people move around; I've moved 4 times in the last 6 years myself. I was just a bit surprised at the whole "package being returned because of outdated/incorrect address" issue which is repeatedly being cited.
Is anyone else more than mildly troubled by these repeated claims on TOJ's part that buyers supposedly are providing non-current or wrong addresses, etc.? The latest Tumblr update is the second time I've seen this claim trotted out and, frankly, I'm skeptical. I'm sure there are some younger folks here, but is it really so very likely that there would be so many cases of wrong or outdated addresses? 
We still waiting for Drew to post, or.. ?
HOKAY.    Let's hear from Drew.
And here come the rationalizations.    Every single time. Even after the spreadsheet made it abundantly clear that this **is not** the age-old scenario of lengthy wait times and "sparing" communications, but rather a total state of confusion and absence, lack of shipments, and circularity when it comes to refunds.   None of this could reasonably have been within the bounds of consideration as of, say, Dec 2013-Feb. 2014. Orders after that probably were a bad idea--but...
Wait how is it too far that Charly is selling refund spots? I thought that's what they were already doing with the whole "find someone to buy your spot" nonsense? It sounds like that's what happened with the guy who requested refunds. 
^ I think many of us would willingly vote with our wallets, but we aren't actually being allowed to do so, are we? It doesn't mean much if they simply find some other sucker to keep the $$ circulating by buying our "spot." We get out of it, but someone else is on the hook, and TOJ nets the money anyway. 
Sorry; why? Shouldn't it be reassuring to those who are thinking there is genuine fraud in progress?
You probably believe in a 'free' market and the 'invisible hand' too, right? Nothing in this, or any similar transaction, entails any reasonable expectation of outright non-delivery. That is a circumstance for which there'd need to be precedent, and I don't know that TOJ has set such a precedent. Risks involved included lengthy wait-times and other MTM/MTO commonplaces, which are, indeed, on the buyer to take into consideration. The price "settled at" (poor phrasing since...
Please PM details--I'm interested.
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