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Yes of course. If the buyer doesn't want the Bemberg upgrade they can refund me the difference, but I'm not inclined to take a loss on this in any sense.
No not really. It doesn't matter anymore if TOJ sent out hundreds of products 5 years ago that hit the spot. It's the worsening trend of shabby service and delivery over the past two years or so, combined with the bare trickle of products going out now, combined with the random problems (daypack made with non-standard specifications, someone else got a wrong jacket, someone else got mismatched zippers, and now these two incidents). It's basically what I see as a distinct...
Order spot for mid-December 2013 full leather. You can customize it to any specification as long as it is a full leather (or if it isn't, make up the difference in $$). People are receiving August '13 orders already, so you likely won't have too much longer to wait if you snap this up now.    I paid $845 for an MDR with Bemberg lining upgrade, so that's what I'm asking.
I mean, to each their own of course--I'm not at all the typical Owens demographic so I guess it'd look much more ludicrous if I were to use the strap than, say, someone who dresses like an RO model.
Always found the strap silly to the point of absurdity, tbh.
What would academic culture be without endless bars and alcohol culture...we basically alternate between staring at screens and staring at half-empty drinks.
Now you've just got me all confused.  I'm the type who drinks artisanal coffee (when I drink coffee at all), doesn't go to nightclubs but goes to speakeasies, likes martinis, doesn't do crossfit (but is in decent shape). On the other hand I have fantastic hair (though sadly not blond).  By the way, will there be any option for other colors? I realized I don't actually like black leathers much at all... @ChrisGold : Try the Intarsia? I'm shocked at how easily it pairs with...
Honestly surprised how quickly someone bought up my spot (awaiting confirmation but seems like it'll go through). I guess most of you will get your jackets...eventually. Good luck with the waiting though.   Really intrigued with this jacket project, @LA Guy -- did you ever post images of what it'd look like? Can't remember, sorry. But yeah, seconding request for an official thread for it even if it's to post an overview + update with things as they move along.
I mean, I'm not trying to be mean or anything--and I'm sure I don't know as much about leather jackets as many here. But something just seems really wacky about that one in particular. That pose. That...shapeless enclosure of leather.    And that silly, silly bit of leather poking out.
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