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Popped in to see how the circus was faring. Damn. I feel for you lot. Thought the dude would at least honor his commitments after his restaurant colleagues leaned on him, but apparently even that didn't go far.   Heading off to Paris, Scotland, etc. in a few weeks--what're good SF-related places to visit?
Holy shit. I got out of this just in time. Y'all fuq'd.
Lol, you actually highlighted me for...that. Get over it.
Amen, and I just wanted to add to what'll be my last post in this thread: I did take a minor loss on it. I hate that on principle, and I hate that the TOJ shitshow was, in effect, responsible for my incurring a loss due to absolutely no fault of mine. I don't know how "good" a TOJ is and never care to, but I'm genuinely sorry to have--even temporarily--supported their enterprise. In future I'll always recommend that people not go for the bargain product and instead save...
Sold, of course. 
Woo, finally done with the insanity. I'm out. Good luck to those still expecting theirs.
Yep, and sold. 
lmao if you have to forego proper meals you are not in a position to afford $800 anything much less $3k clothing. Jesus Christ dude, priorities and common sense. saying "it works for me, so it's fine" is just being an ostrich and burying your head in the sand.   Hopefully this isn't representative of TOJ's clientele--officially fucking embarrassing.
Since I was silly enough to blow $845 on it, it's there if anyone else thinks likewise. If not, nbd--lesson learnt about internet companies. Not sure why the fuss over my classified--it basically simply specifies what the buyer can/cannot do. Doesn't exactly cheerlead for TOJ or anything. I just, literally, do not care about it anymore. It's there if someone wants it, if not, whatever. 
Also re: jacket quality etc etc. No, the key words in that post were "internet hype." But it's also relevant that it's a product from an Asian region because, as a US-based customer, it's that much harder to follow up should a trainwreck occur. As we now know so well. As for the quality: I'll see when it gets here. If it gets here. 
New Posts  All Forums: