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Thanks for the Google spreadsheet. Very useful.   I too find it intriguing that lag time jumped so drastically with no apparent reason. What @misterswag says re: Paypal and Drew's email/number is worrisome. Any idea on alternatives?   I've a mid-December order and Charly's been fairly responsive so the expectation is early 2015. I'm not especially upset over the $$$ but am concerned that shipments seem to once again have stalled for no reason.   The restaurant/TOJ...
Happy to see this chat about MDR + OCBD (and that the results don't look silly). In retrospect I believe I'd have gone for an A2, but I was late to the party. Still, I think the MDR will serve me well.        Whenever it arrives.
I'm all for well-crafted products but leather backpacks just don't make sense to me. It may be because my backpacks routinely encounter heavy snow, rain, and frequent travel both domestic and international, but something like the now-sadly-discontinued Timbuk2 Outtawhack (going strong since 2010 for me) makes so much more sense than a leather backpack...
Huh, never really counted the weeks but I realize I'm at week 42 or 43 for my MDR. Nice to see others in roughly the same MDR batch. 
I miss Hot Doug's (and Chicago in general) so much.
Don't be daft. Estimates don't mean 3x variance. 
I wear a variety of blues (dark and light), tans/browns, and wine/burgundy. It's why I chose to go with toffee tan lambskin for my MDR. You should ask if they have stock, though. 
Who knows. I didn't especially care about the zippers so I wasn't too fussed over it. I'm happy to see *some* word going out about MDRs, though, even though they have not shipped yet. Really get the feeling MDRs are not the majority of orders, which might mean they'll move through the queue quicker than some other makeups. Looks like I've about another 4-6 months to go (Dec. '13).
I asked for Excella but was told it can only be used with black leather. Not sure why--an aesthetic decision? 
Ah, finally an MDR. But damn, an end-July '13 order! If I'm lucky there may not be *that* many MDR orders since a lot of people seem to prefer DR/A2/non-leather jackets...
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