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  Everything.     Interesting,  right now I am torn between the WA22,  Liquid fire and HeadAmp GS-X.  First world problems right?  Interesting to hear that the woo could be so easily defeated either way.  Forgive my ignorance, but what 02's do you refer to?   If anyone has some suggestions for "best"  wool protection methods please share your thoughts.
Delray was in consideration since I discovered how highly regarded AE is around here,  I may jump on them just because I know they will last but I was hoping for something a bit more Italian styled.   I have large feet and do better for sleek smaller soled shoes. 
  Thanks for reassuring me that fear of the washing machine is unwarranted,  however the dryer may still be my enemy.  On a random note, for whatever reason I was curious about the link in your signature I noticed some Logan's & HD800's in the background of one of the first photos.   Do you have a woo amplifier to go along with the snazzy woo stand?   If so, How do they pair up?
  Thanks Rob,  I'll be keeping them in mind for my less frequently cleaned clothes.   I wonder if there is something a step down from this local to me in San Francisco I could use for my dress shirts.   For cotton shirts is there any reason I should not just machine wash them in cold water?  I am thinking maybe the color gradually fades.
My price range is $200-400 new or used, I live in San Francisco if you have something size 12-13.   I have been lurking on the forum for a bit and have about 25 tabs open of different shoe makers I have heard good reviews about, but a few of the brands of shoes I like the look of, despite the price, have some pretty bad reviews regarding build quality.   I'm using nordstom links just for ease of access...
Yeah, that's a decent temporary fix.
I should start by saying I have done a good amount of research here and elsewhere on the various topics of cleaning methods,  but if anything all the different methods have led to my confusion so I thought I should just see what others are doing.  I don't have a huge amount of clothing, but the few things I have are rare, cost me large sums and are very precious to me.   Since my collection is limited I tend to cycle through my clothes very often and this means cleaning...
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