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I'm looking for denim with a ~11'' rise that tapers to a narrow (~14'') leg opening.   So far, I've only found Levi's 508. But I'm looking for variety. Preferably something raw/selvedge.   Thanks,
So I dug up a cheap JCPenney shirt with a 17'' labeled neck that fit me well in the neck. I measured it and it's really more like 18.75''. I then measured a 15.5'' labeled CT shirt and it's really closer to 17''. I think I'm gonna buy a few 16.5'' extra slim fit CT shirts then. Anyone have experience with their slacks? I'm going either with those or Bonobos. I like a mid-highish rise and a taper to no more than a 15'' leg opening.
I'm just wondering whether CT shirt collar measurements are true to size now. If it says 15.5'', maybe it stretches half an inch. But I doubt my neck is getting 2 inches squeezed out of it. I'm measuring right below the adam's apple. Am I measuring in the right spot? Because if I go lower, it gets wider obviously.
I'm not trying to get bigger. I like where I'm at. I'm trying to get leaner actually to get to a perfect PFT score before I ship to USMC boot camp. I just measured myself and I have an 18'' neck and 44'' chest. But I can still button my 15.5'' shirts with some struggle. So should I try the extra slim 16.5'' neck CTshirt?
 It's very snug in the neck. I could definitely go up. You think going up a full inch is overkill? I'm worried that if I go up only a half, the difference in the body won't be large enough.
I've been working out and my regular shirts are becoming tight. I'm 5'11'' 180lb.   I normally wear a Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit (15.5''/35''). I'd like to stay with the brand if I can, but my shirts are almost skin tight at this point in the chest, back, and shoulders.   If I stay with the Extra Slim Fit and go up to 16'' or 16.5'' in the neck, is the rest of the body larger as well? Or does just the neck change?   If I move to a regular Slim Fit, does it...
Just ordered a pair of Painters:   Should be nice in the spring.
A few more Levi's:   Commuter Trucker Jacket:   Made in the USA Blanket-Lined Trucker Jacket:|null|null   Slim Fit Trucker Jacket:
I'm looking for a slim raw denim jacket. I've narrowed it down to one of two Naked and Famous jackets or a Levi's one: or What's the difference between those two? If it's just color, then why is there a $60 price difference? or...
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