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Either work. I can drive. Tried Bonobos but they were way too slim up top.
I'm looking to buy a few pairs of slacks for under $100 a piece in Chicago (want to try them on). I have what's known as hockey player legs, so I'd like something with a rise in the 10-11'' range tapering to a narrower leg opening in the 14.5''-16'' range.   Any suggestions?
They have a 10'' rise. I want to stay right around 11''.
As far as shoes or everything? I have 6 of their dress shirts, 2 sport shirts, and a polo. The quality is great for $30 shirts and the fit is great too. I can't wear BB; they're tents.
How so? What's bad about them? I just returned my AE Park Avs because the quality wasn't what I'd expect from $350 shoes. I have To Boot NYs that cost less and are nicer. And they were loose in the heel while fitting well throughout the toe box.
Does anybody have experience with Charles Tyrwhitt oxford sizing? Or with any Charles Tyrwhitt shoe sizing?   I so, what size are you in them? What size are you in Allen Edmonds or any other common U.S. size shoes (Chuck Taylors, Clarks DBs, Nike running shoes, etc.)?   And is the size on the website UK or U.S. sizing?
The edge of the toe box on those BB is fucked.
Are you like... a 1980s Texan sheriff?
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