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DartagnanRed should be able to chime in, he goes on extravagant trips to Hong Kong. I often wonder how his suits do not end up creased.
 A bit of a stretch, Jason.... That's not how consumers think. The worse they are, the better you look.
What do you mean?
$275 USD inc. shipping was the best I could do for the Filson 257. In Otter Green.   Many thanks for the all advice, team.   According to my ability to use a tape measure it should be able to fit a standard takeaway container. Winning.
That was a big drop - poor girl.
People are giving me shit at work because I don't have a break in my trousers (no cuff, and you can see ankle/sock), my belt doesn't match the colour of my shoes and apparently I wear my trousers too high (a smidge off the navel).   How do I politely tell them to f*** off?
She is stunning.
Work blocks pictures :(
The problem is; everyone has otter green, and I want otter green.
Cheers for the info, Adam. Your 256 looks much wider than the Apolis photos show. On the Apolis website the 256 looks like it'd just hold a piece of paper. I don't like all the broken up compartments in the 257, but I like the 2" of extra depth. @Nolvadex - that's the big one. If the soup container starts tilting, it's a bitch. Which is probably why Fox suggested the 257 for the depth. But yeah, the duffel bag is a good look.
New Posts  All Forums: