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It's good to see people are jumping on the Tellason wagon. Great company.
 Are they brown or burgundy? On my screen they could pass as very dark brown, but they definitely look like burgundy at first glance. The new camera playing tricks, perhaps?
Excellent shoes, Gerry.   To get that shine, do you use a neutral polish, or a burgundy/black polish?
 Hey Jay JL uses SWIMS for their galoshes - give them a shout out. I too am sick of soaking my shoes through and through. Any colour is good, just don't get pink galoshes.....
 Between $2 and $4m would be my guess.
 Hmm, I won't have time :(. Are you going to check it out? Keep your eyes peeled for Browne knitwear, I've been told it is pretty decent.
 Any Thom Browne knitwear on sale?
 Jay, what a start! It was good to meet you at the Sydney function - adds a lot of context. It's funny you had a conversation with Joe about bespoke making you 'start your wardrobe from scratch'. The gentlemen who helped me with the Lobbs mentioned the same conversation. I guess you won't know until you get the finished suit. Some of the guys on here that are fortunate to get bespoke items also seem to still buy a lot of ready to wear clothing. I can say from trying P...
Depression is an extremely tough thing to manage. I don't believe it is possible to overcome such an evil thing, only mitigate. RIP Robin - Jumanji was one of my favourites.
That's an awesome hat. One would have to imagine that jacket would be quite hot to wear in Hong Kong. Though I've been told it can be colder than Sydney in the Winter.
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