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Have any of you guys bought any S.N.S Herning stuff? Too warm for Aussie land? Decent knitwear?
Navy is the is staple, right?   Didn't I read somewhere that the four suits you should own includes navy, grey, charcoal and a mid grey?
 Brilliant, Gerry, Brilliant. Are they unlined bark pecs from Dents? Might I ask, did you get them for ~180 Sterls?
Tie me Kangaroo down, sport! Tie me Kangaroo down!   Still one of Australia's best songs.   Play your Didgeridoo Blue!
 Over compensating :) ?
 If only you felt that way about your Antique Crockett and Jones :(.
Adam - compliments. That's a sick rig.   You must get a ton of people asking you about a) your knit tie having a square end and b) why the back blade is 6 inches longer than the front! I'd like to know how you handle that.   Also - that Bedale fits you perfectly.
 What I would classify as a 'stock standard' shoe is sold out everywhere! Mind you, I only know END, Sneakerboy  and the actual Common Projects web store. 
I'd do anything to get my hands on a pair of Common Projects Original Achilles Low Cut Navy. Anyone know where I might be able to get some?
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