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 Deadly serious, Dusty.  I like this idea. Hermes is nice, but scarves are $1,250 AUD here, and about 250 Euros in France. Even over there, they are still pretty steep.
 Do we pay a premium for these in Australia relative to the country of origin?
 I have two pairs of John Lobb. Good shoes, but I think I'd prefer to go bespoke rather than RTW. I like your thinking, though.
Team, I hope everyone is well and warm.   Family is passing through France. Does anything unique to France that is worth buying spring to mind in the sartorial sense? I know this question is a lot easier if I said Florence, but I am just trying to think of things the French do well.   Cheers guys!
 Matt, name and shame the brand!
Lest we forget.
 I'm taking a stab in the dark here, but Did FXH go? If it is who I think it is, come on man, smile once in a while, haha!
I'm having second thoughts about Contiki. It's no more excessive than tradies driving Ferraris on the Gold Coast - isn't that what you and your neighbours do?   Jm, Blahman, TFP - thanks for the heads up. Polycarbonate sounds like the sensible option. I'll check out Samsonite.
Touche. I guess the question to ask is, are you paying excessively for a brand name? As one would if they bought a Hugo Boss or Armani suit.
What do you guys think of Rimowa for suit cases? Pretty good quality?
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