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 A table of seven is always going to find it hard to have group conversation - unless the table is round and you're the only ones in the restaurant. You'll have to play musical chairs, which is fun, in my opinion. Nomad would be good, definitely, so would Porteno in Cleveland street. Porteno has a higher ceiling so noise tends to reverberate, but that's just being picky. Both have good salads, so you can cater for your entire family. You're looking at about $60-$80 per...
Nomad will definitely get its hat this Oct/Nov. So get in before they bump everything up because of the hype.   You'll find it warm, cosy and intimate. The perfect place for a good meal with the Mrs.   The food is hearty, wholesome and well executed. The Churros, Wagyu Skirt, Lamb and Calamari with squid ink are all the go-to dishes.   Wine by the bottle is very reasonable ($50) - we had a Pinot Gris from Tasmania (!!!!) which was soft and subtle.
   Great bunch of guys - I had a great time. So. Much. Food.
Assuming there is no change to the plans - see you @ 7pm, Nomad.   Thanks for organising this, Nabil. You have great skills. Compliments.
Alessandro, Wurger and I are in, Nabil.   Should be good to do a proper Sydney meet up, finally.
I'll try and talk the lads into a meal. I don't know what the food is like, so it's worth trying.
 Are we eating or just drinking? Pretty keen to try the 65.
 Such a shame to read about this kind of stuff.
Sick pair of jeans Mistral!
 Shit, I don't know if I will have time to polish my cap toes by Tuesday!
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