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  Alpaca. It is also a lot more rare, and harder to come by.
 What's wrong with Vanda ties? And Lobb/G&G/EG/St Cs/Vass/Enzo Bonafe?
 Topy!? PJ!? More than you can afford? Good question.
 That's an MJ fai-larhh joke! Hehe.
  Hehe, we're about the same size (if I recall correctly from Nomad), 36R slim. I just bought Fox's commander in small - (15 wears + a wear in the rain). So one of us will be right :\. I didn't know whether to get a small or medium either. Then again, you are looking to wear it over your suit jacket, which means you'll definitely need a medium, not a small.
 You don't like http://lenoeudpapillon.com/ ?
[[SPOILER]]   A pretty dick thing to say. True, very true, but still a dick thing to say, haha.  Yes, Dad.
Is it safe to assume their shirts start between $250 and $300?
 Haha, I found the same thing. Sadly, people think Ralph Lauren, MJ Bale, Herringbone, R&B, TM Lewin and CT shirts are good. There is better than PJ though - bespoke shirts, like the one Andrew got made, that shirt is incredible.
Haha, that post takes the cake, Fxh. No words needed.
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