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 Good food for a good price. Looks like it worked in your favour!  Bloody oath, mate. Too many people are too quick to put someone down - it's painful.
 A tad crass, and a bit judgemental, no? As a nice guy once said, 'you make your assumptions sound like truths'.
Well played, Sliq.   Was it Despana? What did you think of the tapas?
  Give up comrade, we're destined to be outspoken.  I was referring to shirts. It is true that there are some unique fabrics/cuts in RTW - O&J popovers come to mind. But a RTW popover will never fit as well as a MTM/bespoke one (assuming of course, you use a MTM/bespoke institution that knows how to competently do one). I for one, could never live with the compromise in fit for the ability to walk away with it there and then.
 Once you go MTM/Bespoke.....you don't go back!
Anyone else watching the game this afternoon? Come on Aussie Come on, Come on!
 50-50 is best. Equality, equal pay, zen, Feng Shui, returning balance to the force........whatever floats your topied boat. Speaking of returning balance to the force.....my bet is that episode VII is going to be a flop.
 Craft beer: Frankie's (also has pizza)Tio'sBaxters (I believe)Shady PinesHello Sailor There's a handful of them.
New Posts  All Forums: