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 I got a Christmas card from them with a complimentary shave. It's a shame it is for Melbourne only :(.
 Lads, there's no need for me to say anything - Skeen speaks for me. I will say one thing though. Isn't it interesting that the two kids that trolled me all day everyday, are now trolling everyone else? Kumbaya.   Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I hope you have a great holiday, James Journeyman.
$475   Edit: Are you guys are happy to ship to Australia?
 Has to be an increment of $25 big fella. All the best.
 I bought the Henley Indigo, the Indigo Rinsed Dyed Pique and the Loopwheeled crewneck tee. I never knew you could get such variation in fabric and feel from three t-shirts! The Rinsed Dyed is the thickest and most rough, followed by the loopwheeled and then the Henley. The Henley is very thin, but is semi-loose at the same time. The loopwheel is definitely more of a body hugger - quite flattering. The Rinsed is almost like, Denim? It's very hard to describe, but it...
You definitely got a lemon. They don't look remotely similar.
It's a shame you are so vain. But if you insist.   Done, I've amended my posts.
  I can't confirm who DR is, but if my suspicions are correct, I may have only known him briefly in primary school. He left the local school to go to a 'talented and gifted school' for high achieving individuals.I hope this explains why I make the odd jibe at him - something I'll stop doing.
 1. Do you often come across as genuine with people you want to help, but take the piss out of them at the same time? I fail to see how that is a constructive strategy to helping people. 2. It didn't take you 30 seconds to write that - at least 5 minutes. I don't see the need to be sarcastic? 3. Talking about price is one thing, but passing judgement on someone else's spending habits, or the way in which they choose to spend their money is another. Maybe I am knit...
New Posts  All Forums: