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$275 USD inc. shipping was the best I could do for the Filson 257. In Otter Green.   Many thanks for the all advice, team.   According to my ability to use a tape measure it should be able to fit a standard takeaway container. Winning.
That was a big drop - poor girl.
People are giving me shit at work because I don't have a break in my trousers (no cuff, and you can see ankle/sock), my belt doesn't match the colour of my shoes and apparently I wear my trousers too high (a smidge off the navel).   How do I politely tell them to f*** off?
She is stunning.
Work blocks pictures :(
The problem is; everyone has otter green, and I want otter green.
Cheers for the info, Adam. Your 256 looks much wider than the Apolis photos show. On the Apolis website the 256 looks like it'd just hold a piece of paper. I don't like all the broken up compartments in the 257, but I like the 2" of extra depth. @Nolvadex - that's the big one. If the soup container starts tilting, it's a bitch. Which is probably why Fox suggested the 257 for the depth. But yeah, the duffel bag is a good look.
 Yeah I'll think I'll get the 257 or 256. Basically it's the sneakers with a t-shirt and shorts, my takeaway container that holds my left over dinner and maybe a water bottle (but not really).
Speaking of bags, do you think the Filson Small Duffle Bag 70220 would be too big to carry to work everyday? I normally carry a carton of soup, and a towel/running gear.   http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-bag-small.70220.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=luggage/duffle-bags&fmetaProduct=1019/   Wearing a suit, I don't want to look like I'm moving house!
If you do the set menu at Porteno, skip lunch, and be prepared to roll out the door. Good hearty food.
New Posts  All Forums: