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 Can you elaborate, please?
 I shave twice a week, and I am old enough to shave.
 I got a Christmas card from them with a complimentary shave. It's a shame it is for Melbourne only :(.
 Lads, there's no need for me to say anything - Skeen speaks for me. I will say one thing though. Isn't it interesting that the two kids that trolled me all day everyday, are now trolling everyone else? Kumbaya.   Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I hope you have a great holiday, James Journeyman.
$475   Edit: Are you guys are happy to ship to Australia?
 Has to be an increment of $25 big fella. All the best.
 I bought the Henley Indigo, the Indigo Rinsed Dyed Pique and the Loopwheeled crewneck tee. I never knew you could get such variation in fabric and feel from three t-shirts! The Rinsed Dyed is the thickest and most rough, followed by the loopwheeled and then the Henley. The Henley is very thin, but is semi-loose at the same time. The loopwheel is definitely more of a body hugger - quite flattering. The Rinsed is almost like, Denim? It's very hard to describe, but it...
You definitely got a lemon. They don't look remotely similar.
It's a shame you are so vain. But if you insist.   Done, I've amended my posts.
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