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 So much soul. So much soul. I knew there was a client base for all of MJ Bale's weird suit jackets where a well cut suit just isn't enough, there has to be contrasting stitching or extra buttons. Matt, you're not alone in your thinking - people like to add flair to their day and whip their verve out.  Clothing is just as much about context as it is about individuality.
It doesn't look like something your average cheese producer would wear. I think dressing to fit in is very important. If everyone was wearing blue, I wouldn't wear green or any other colour, I'd try to wear blue as best as I could.
 Luca Rubinacci
Good wardrobe, Oli. Looks like you've got a good knack at grabbing conservatively priced things and getting them to work for you. It kind of reminds me of Prof P. Bear. He was the king of getting something for $15 new and making it look like something Luca made.
 Post some fit pics of your Ralph Lauren suits.
Fox umbrellas aren't bad, but the wood scratches easily.   I'd be very interested in seeing the difference between a Fox and a Briggs. I think a Briggs doesn't use a nylon canopy?
  Be careful Lach. With bags you have to make sure that where the strap joins the bag, there is minimal tension/stretching. You'll notice with Filson (see below) that the strap securely joins the bag in the middle of the face and is attached using 'square leather pressure displacers'. This process adds on extra manufacturing time and adds to costs. It looks great now, but will it look great after the 15th wear? If you're not a pedant for manufacturing, then it shouldn't...
Thanks Gerry, Richard and Fxh.   Looks like I'm getting it all wrong today.
 Interestingly, the suede fits me slightly better than the leather. Intuitively you would think they make the suede slightly larger to compensate for the fact that it can't stretch like leather, but I don't find this to be the case. Also, what 'fits like a glove' is all a matter of comparison. The only real benchmark I have is a pair of EG on the 'great 88 last' - which don't fit me nearly as well. So the 7000 may not fit as well as other lasts, but it fits significantly...
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