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 Haha, brought the cold with you, Fox?
 I disagree, Cox. I think Guido has nailed it. I also think it is easy to misconstrue good fit for something being too small, because I think it is more common to see loose, than snug.
Good to have you back Nakky! Where have you been? Any commissions recently?
  Check out the denim and cotton prefecture - Okayama. Momtaro, Eternal, Omnigod - these are the world's best denim producers.
Gentlemen,   If anyone is looking to buy a mate of theirs a newish pair of Loake 1880s - UK 7/7.5 or a size small Barbour International jacket - check my signature below for listings.   Cheers!
Hi Team   I have a beautiful new Barbour International waxed cotton jacket for sale - the Bede. I have worn this less than 3 times. I need more space in my wardrobe and I just don't wear it as often as I wear my Barbour Commander.   It is designed to be layered, but will definitely fit someone that normally wears a 36" chest or a 38" chest no problems.   It is a very dark navy and still has the waxed feel. It is an authentic garment that can be worn with a suit,...
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That is an incredibly depressing story. I really feel for you. Pricks!
 Cheers Appolyon. It is such a shame. When I bought that computer in 2009 it was lightning fast. Now it sounds like a Boeing 747 on a runway and takes forever to switch on and open up programs. It is just the feeling that I could 'put up with it' for another 12 or so months. But are laptops really going to take another leap forward in 12 months?
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