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 It's bad form to comment on watches when you know nothing about them. Tag Heuer make some beautiful watches that are well regarded by the aficionados of time pieces.
 That would be reading too much into it (see what I did there?). For most men, and I mean the G unwashed, they'd only dress up if it meant getting more chicks. So they get a chick to write this article and blabber on about how men are becoming more sexually attractive by buying Italian rigs. Forget talking about thread counts, fabrics and construction, because most people couldn't care. And the cognoscenti in this thread have said that there is no difference in how...
That jacket reminds of the alien out of the movie Prometheus.   With that tie, if you turn the picture upside down, it looks the human anatomy.   Plus it is a size 50 :(.
    Deutschland über alles! Deutschland über alles! Deutschland über alles!
 And uses a "shiny satin monstrosity real estates tie".
Uk 7
You didn't get any in small!
Exquisite, Andrew.   How about cuff. Do you feel like it shows off enough of it?
  The exception, rather than the norm, compadre.
  "Like shoes" is an understatement. Glasses are so individual and personalized that there is zero chance you can buy a pair of glasses on the web and know they'll look good on you without having tried them on first. Prepare to use the 'return to sender' envelope they post to you, several times.
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