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If they legalised certain stimulant drugs, my productivity at work would sky rocket - everyone would win.
Well, recent purchases. They've all been second hand, but pretty much all new.   Barbour commander John Lobb 7000 last black punch cap toe John Lobb 7000 last chocolate suede cap toe Common Projects navy low cut (premium edition) SNS Herning Cardigan   I have to say, the 7000 last is amazing. Fits like a glove. I encourage anyone holding out to buy a pair.   Many thanks to the guys that have been so friendly and helpful - you know who you are.
Haha, MD, you can't help yourself!   Hey, Adam's Commander arrived. The small fits beautifully. But there is zero chance you could layer a suit under it, and it would be a stretch to have anything thicker than a skivvy underneath - wise to go up to medium if that is your objective.
 You never get old.
 Thanks for letting me know. The quality does indeed look good. I was thinking of picking up a scarf from them. I'm having great difficulty locating a pair of soft and durable gloves that I can use with my smartphone in the morning. Were you the only supplier that you knew of?
Have any of you guys bought any S.N.S Herning stuff? Too warm for Aussie land? Decent knitwear?
Navy is the is staple, right?   Didn't I read somewhere that the four suits you should own includes navy, grey, charcoal and a mid grey?
 Brilliant, Gerry, Brilliant. Are they unlined bark pecs from Dents? Might I ask, did you get them for ~180 Sterls?
Tie me Kangaroo down, sport! Tie me Kangaroo down!   Still one of Australia's best songs.   Play your Didgeridoo Blue!
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