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So this has probably been covered before, but seeing as I have been raving on about ties, it's a natural segue.   You work in an environment where all the other males both senior and junior do not wear ties unless they are visiting a client (professional services). A shirt and tie, undeniably looks great. Would you create a 'sartorial barrier' between you and your colleagues for the sake of looking good? If it made you feel uncomfortable would you still do it, because it...
I'm happy to wait until the New Year for my shoes to be shipped, as long as they are eventually shipped. It just sounds like I'll never get my shoes, from what people have been saying.
 Generally when your supplier cuts you off, and you can't supply products to a consumer, the business is nullified. Then again, they do sell a multitude of other brands, so maybe it is only a small component of their business.
 If a company is about to go broke, yet continues to trade, it is against the law. People that are blowing the whistle should be commended, not condemned.
So what do I do?   If they can't get shoes from EG how are they going to deliver my shoes?   As long as I am guaranteed to get an undamaged pair of shoes at some point, I'm happy. It just sounds like the company is about to go under.
Rubbery, that is an awesome rig (y). The navy sings so well with the Burgundy.
So does this mean EoM won't get any shoes from EG for another few months? I.e. 2014?   I emailed them on Monday asking for an update, and have heard nothing back since.
 Bloooooooooooooody, beeeeeeeeer!
As long as I am guaranteed to get my shoes by the end of February 2014, I'm happy.   We are talking black Chelseas here, a stock standard shoe that EG pumps out on a regular basis.
They sell authentic EG shoes, correct?
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