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In my, humble, opinion if you're going to work in the 'CBD' area of the ' Sydney CBD' the only sane way to get to work is to catch the ferry. So live in a suburb where you have a 2 minute walk to the ferry, and you'll literally save yourself developing numerous wrinkles over your working career.
 Sydney really needs to go up, not out. Australians have this fear of high rise apartments, yet demand reasonable house prices. It just isn't possible.
 Definitely. Cremorne is gorgeous. You can't go wrong.JM strikes again! Couldn't have put it better. I agree with your idea of only allowing negative gear on new housing stock as opposed to fueling the returns of blatant speculation.
 Haha, I actually think the Balmain/Rozelle area has the highest concentration of Aussie members. There are 5 members from this thread in those 2 suburbs.
Haha . I am down near the wharf. In the last 20 years, the amount of people that have come to this country by boat would only just fill the MCG. It's all the Baby Boomers that are being greedy as F**K with their self-managed super funds and playing poker with OUR property!
Shouldn't that imply they are too big, as they are slipping, which is causing the leather to rub against your skin leading to blisters? If it was snug, it wouldn't slip!
 Are you from Balmain too, mate!? Breaking Bad was fantastic. Sad to see it gone for good.
Anyone watching the finale of Breaking Bad tomorrow?
 You would find the S roomy. But it'd still look great. You could always dart the shirt if you wanted it tighter.
Fox, that's very tough news. Thoughts are with you and your family.
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