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 Shoulders, I THINK, are quite difficult to work with, hence the $85. Overall it sounds quite reasonable. Not dirt cheap, but not ludicrously expensive. Fair, in my opinion.
Great Cardigan CEP! It'll be hard to review.It is guaranteed to feel warm. I'll be shocked if we get a cold run again in Sydney. 33 days without rain is the record, I think. It has been close to 25 now!
 When my parents were recently travelling around Florence they came to the same conclusion. They had to really grill the locals on where the boutique/"Armory" stores are located. They are around, but they are definitely in the minority! Surprising, as I would have thought that Florence would be riddled with owner-managed businesses that have operating for generations making suits/ties/shoes/leather goods. Alas, this is not the case.
 Why open a store that will be flooded with water 6 months later? It doesn't make much sense.  Are mistresses no longer in fashion? This black knit, is it from P Johnson?
    Cheers Barky and APHK! When I use the above method I get: {[(660 + 85) x 0.8] / 1.2 } + 20 = 516.66. The price quoted on the final bill. So it must all be good!    What Wurger said. I couldn't hold back. A nice black cap toe to get the ball rolling.I'll probably end up getting them topy'ed as well. Let's hope we don't catch the same ferry :)! Wurger has been an absolute champ in providing advice. He has every cap toe under the sun, and is very knowledgeable about the...
 Any numbers taken? Always be closing.
 I didn't create an account, but I selected Australia (which is ex-vat). Maybe that's why there is a 25.83 pound difference. EDIT: You start with the total price, take away tax, then the discount is applied to the residual. So the discount is applied after tax is taken away, not before. This is why I have a difference. I assume that's how it should work?
Has anyone had issues with a change of price as you checkout?   The basket has a grand total of 595 pounds with 124.17 tax included. Take away the tax, add 20 pounds postage and you get 490.83. For some reason, when I try to checkout it goes from 490.83 up to 516.66. What is going on?
 Walk into David Jones, then Myer then General Pants. Ask to see all the chinos they have on offer. You'll find something.
Mate, that question is so ambiguous. Where do I buy brogues? I need a pair that are "casual, but formal", "formally casual". Chinos are a universal pant. You can buy them from basically any menswear store. Sadly, we have no idea what you like, or what you prefer. Most of all, we don't know how much you are willing to spend, but the fact that you mentioned Target at least gives some indication. There is at least 5-10 affiliates on SF that sell chinos. In Australia, I can...
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