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Fuck, let's hope the rest of the world can't see this.
Excellent! Which graduate program have you just started?
I am glad I have got the endorsement from the the 'hot shot' French traveller.
Yes, but the hem of the pants is suppose to be cut at a slight angle. Not be 'dead straight'. The back of the leg is ever so slightly longer than the front; about a cm or two difference.
I think the hem of the pants is not designed to be perfectly straight. The hem is suppose to be slightly lower at the back than the front - which gives it that nice break.
It would have to be chinese tailoring. You would be competing with Elite Suits.
- Battlers for life!
Brilliant Petepan. You've done really well, they look amazing. Setting the standard for the rest of us young lads.
How do you know they are friends?   Rob looks like he went Cranbrook, and Patrick looks like he went to Scotts......
O&J x P Johnson?
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