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Anyone watching the finale of Breaking Bad tomorrow?
 You would find the S roomy. But it'd still look great. You could always dart the shirt if you wanted it tighter.
Fox, that's very tough news. Thoughts are with you and your family.
 Particularly those EGs from the 82 last.
 Mate, they were second hand shoes from someone that doesn't have a proven history of good shoe care. Sure they were a good shoe for the price sold to him, but you can't expect to be looking your best when you are wearing someone elses old shoes! People don't hand out compliments like the MX at a train station.
Are they second hand? Or did Street point you in the direction of Herring?
Jason, that rep looks so nice!
 The theme is English!
A wonderful collection, Wurger!   They all look great, but you can can clearly see the beauty in the bottom right three pairs.  
 Cheers for the run down on the Drake's cardigan! Looks nice mate. Nice Coxaca! Would be great to see pictures when the alterations are finished. I hope you get some great use out of these fine threads.
New Posts  All Forums: