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 I'm not quite sure whether it will be cheaper buying them in the U.K and flying back. It will definitely be cheaper than buying them here in Sydney. When you purchase online you avoid the VAT which is about 20%, but then you have to pay for postage. So it will be slightly cheaper buying online (maybe $50 or so) then buying in the U.K. However, you get the added benefit of having tried them on first. Once you get your first pair of shoes correct in sizing, every pair of...
Hi Kimcha I'm glad you took our advice and went and visited Henry Bucks. I also had a rousing suspicion that it just isn't economical for them to carry a shoe size below 7. That is unfortunate. You would also notice that their pricing for the Loake 1880 is well above what you had priced as your maximum ($450 > $350). As a result, even if they had a 5 1/2 / 6, you would still have to buy online. Joseph's is terrible. Off the top of my head, there are no other shops in...
 When you spend your spare time abusing people over the internet, you know you've taken a wrong turn at some point. I know you've met some of the people from Melbourne, and I'm sure they think you're a wonderful person, but yeah, as a friend, you need to talk to someone.
I don't think Foxhound's clothing is age related at all.   It looks fine.
Looks great Foxhound. Much better than the other stuff you posted several months ago. The only question mark I have is that the pants look quite tight around the ankle/calf/thighs, which makes your feet look much bigger than they really are. There's nothing wrong, it is just, noticeable.   It is also good to see that you're out of the kitchen.
Everything you have said is correct. Even if you don't try on the last you want, you could try on a similar last by the same manufacturer and then ask the retailer how the last varies to the last you want. Sounds confusing, but it works. FXH and CEP make good points too. Basically, in the  5 1/2 sizing to the 6, you are going to have to buy online, there are no two ways about it. You'd be lucky if you can try anything on in that size. So measuring your foot and sending it...
 Kim, you have TINY feet. Welcome to the black hole that is men's shoes in Sydney. The Belgrave is a great shoe. You are not going to get it for $350 anywhere. So unless you are prepared to spend more money, forget that. The only shoes that you can realistically afford and try on are Loake 1880. You want to try the shoe on first which is reasonable. If this is for aesthetics, you're not in luck. If it is for fit, then you're in luck. Go to Henry Buck's and try on the...
 Shoulders, I THINK, are quite difficult to work with, hence the $85. Overall it sounds quite reasonable. Not dirt cheap, but not ludicrously expensive. Fair, in my opinion.
Great Cardigan CEP! It'll be hard to review.It is guaranteed to feel warm. I'll be shocked if we get a cold run again in Sydney. 33 days without rain is the record, I think. It has been close to 25 now!
 When my parents were recently travelling around Florence they came to the same conclusion. They had to really grill the locals on where the boutique/"Armory" stores are located. They are around, but they are definitely in the minority! Surprising, as I would have thought that Florence would be riddled with owner-managed businesses that have operating for generations making suits/ties/shoes/leather goods. Alas, this is not the case.
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