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  A perfect suit. Looks incredible!
Who made the video?   It's a great video!
Are you saying that the Audley isn't TTS and that you should size down?   Do you have any Loake in the Capital last? I'm a TTS 6.5-7. I was going to get a 7 in the Audley.   $695 for the Audley/Lonsdale at DM.
I'm tossing up all of this as well!   The Radstock then the Audley look the best.   Muchas Gracias!
One day you'll say something positive. One day.
It's a low blow to raid FxH's Facebook profile pictures and post them on here.   Don't worry FxH, I'm looking out for you.
It's quite a unique toe, if you think about it.   See I would perceive the 341 to be more classic/conservative. It has a very gentle toe rounding, and on the left side of the shoe it rounds very smoothly. The 337 rounds quite sharply on the left hand side of the shoe which makes it look more narrow through the shoe. Perhaps in the flesh they'd be quite close.
Thanks for the clarification, JM.   When you say soft square toe you mean a nice rounded toe, not square toed shoes, the ones that get ridiculed so much?
The 337 is the Audley, which is suppose to be quite conservative and not sleek.   But on the pictures above it looks very sleek!
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