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 It's just hard to keep advertising the staples, over and over again. Don't forget, a big portion of their shop is still comprised of solid grey, navy and charcoal. MJ Bale probably wants to be known for being progressive and partially 'forward', because this ultimately is likely to make them more profitable.
Well, from MJ Bale's perspective, are they simply supposed to shoot the Mudgee Suit every year, but on a different person?
 This is true. I didn't get the opportunity to cast judgement in 1975, but I appreciate him for his stance on refugees - particularly towards the Vietnamese during the war. One day our nation will look back on our treatment of refugees with great shame. This paragraph sums up Malcolm's character towards the end of his days, of which I greatly admire: Just last month he criticised current Prime Minister Tony Abbott over the government’s response to the Human Rights...
 Patrick Johnson, is a tailor.
 How does it feel to not be at the centre of controversy, DartagnanRed?
 I don't know enough about the topic to make a meaningful contribution. I defer to Dusty Brogues.
 An absolutely epic campaign. Many thanks for sharing - the suits look good.
I found the response to my cigar query quite lack lustre, but I shouldn't be surprised, you're all protein munching health fanatics. This is a good thing.   Anyway, Cigar Hut.com.au is really good if you're looking at spoiling a special chimney. Well priced and quick delivery!
Speaking of Menswear consumption related topics, has anyone ever bought Cigars online, and know a reputable retailer?
That's beautiful Foxy.
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