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It really is. I guess when people give you shit for asking for advice about wine cabinets, you just have to let it go. Let it go.
 Mate, $1,200 hardbottoms is the pleb life. I haven't even been outside these borders. #StruggleStreet. You should ingratiate yourself with those people that casually fly to Hong Kong and swan around Ralph Lauren Purple label stores, or hop on over to Budhapest and snag BNWT Vass shoes - and then with the cash left over, can drop heavy on Canali. They're the kind of people you want to associate yourself with. Have you had any notable drops lately?
 What!? You don't know me! Don't pretend to know me!? Nerd Rage!!!!!  - I need this emoticon, but instead of beer it needs to be Bin 707 in Riedel glassware.   JM - Thanks for the advice. I can actually get the fridge for a more reasonable price of $1,100. Does this change your view point?  The devil is always in the detail.
Anyone have a decent wine cabinet?   I was looking at the Liebherr Barrique, but unsure about whether or not to pull the trigger.   $1,600 for 60 bottles isn't too bad,but it is on the pricey side. I've heard mixed reviews with Vintec et al.
 Garlic, breath, girls........ Surely there is something more appealing?
Nolvadex   Great choice.   I've opted for the Janoskis
 Hey Fox, out of curiosity, what is the code?
If anyone is interested in an almost new Barbour for their friend or family - see my signature.
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