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 Amazing watch. What a beautiful thing. One day. One day.
Mate the Saffa accent is the most enjoyable to listen to out of all the English dialects.
My Filson 257 arrived.   It fits everything I need it to fit, perfectly. The 256 would have been too small - thanks for all those that helped out.   My only complaint is the leather strap. It's slippery and it is hard.
 Cheers mate, I appreciate it. This is what Styleforum is all about, really.
Who knew talking about music could be as controversial as talking about politics, race or religion?
 I agree completely. I don't actually buy based on 'country'. I buy those brands that have a video, or a series of pictures, depicting working conditions in their respective factory. Sure, it's easy to create false videos and pictures but at least they've made a genuine effort to be transparent and acknowledge that the consumer does indeed care about the working conditions of the people making their products. I like Deus Ex Machinima as a brand, but I have no idea how...
Let's not start insulting each other - we're all fellow swagmen. I think the moral of the story is: some of us are just more ethically and morally inclined than others. I don't think I should be put down for wanting to do the 'right' thing.
 Your argument is strong. I wonder why the standard of living is higher in the USA than it is in China?
Would it be a bad analogy if I said that I bought my milk/meat/vegetables from a local shop that only stocks locally produced goods, because I disagree with the actions of, say, Coles?
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