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 Same chest and torso length, but your feet are about 3 sizes bigger. Anyone that wants to draw meaning from that can go f**k themselves. So it'll have to be jackets, hoodies etc.
 Foxhound, are you selling any gear by any chance?
 Touché. I take back self-entitled and replace it with 'condescending tendencies'.   You have to look at the ABC budget cuts objectively. It's much more enjoyable looking at the facts presented than speculating on people's motives and reasons. The ABC had become slightly too cost heavy to the point where it was economically rational to cut back. There is a lot of argument over 'why' there are cuts, but very little on the legitimacy of the cuts. I am of the belief as well,...
 Conroy and Quigley, whilst nice guys, were massively behind on the NBN and the budget had blown out of proportion. I admire Malcolm Turnbull for standing up and saying that it was no longer an economically viable option to supply Fibre to the home. He provided an articulate and well thought out alternative that would bring forward most of the infrastructure benefits at half the costs. The new executive team he as implemented are making real headway into what would have...
 He's obviously a thought leader, like the late Nelson Mandela.
 Mate, you're at the top of that list for a reason. I'll now have: Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Italian Cyrpress, Neroli Portofino, Oud Wood, Noir de Noir and Amber Absolute. TV gets such divided opinion. A few months back when on a pub crawl, one person asked if someone accidentally took an ash tray with them from pub to pub. Others just bury their nose into your collar bone wanting more. Surprisingly it smells nice on pillow cases after you've laid on them for the...
Does the Subcontinent not qualify as a type of Asian complexion? There are some dark Asians out there, HC, but there are also Asians that are more white than white people.
 Do you wash all your clothes that you buy before you wear them for the first time, or just jeans?
 The number of good retailers are few. What did you think of George in Paddington?
Internet shopping for someone else, and an accessory that covers a big part of your face, is no easy task. Sunglasses would have to be one of the most 'individual' pieces of clothing someone could wear. You just can't be sure until you put them on. In my opinion.
New Posts  All Forums: