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 Yeah, except you're a two can Sam. Oli and I have to hold you back from getting on your smartphone and writing abusive stuff on this thread.
 Guys, let's try and have civil discussion without taking cheap pot shots at each other. Where is the love?
 Na buddy, we know you exist, we just see right through your hollowness. 
Labor is screwed - this is the worst possible result for them. From having a decent shot, to being put back in the sheds. It is painful.   Onya Malcolm!
Let's go Silver Fox!!!!!! Take the monkey down!
 California, thanks heaps for the heads up! Respect! There's no way they'd ever discount brands like Amouage or Creed? I thought that these would be consistent sellers that never needed to be discounted? A close friend of mine has her birthday coming up. She loves to wear Tom Ford TV. Could you think of anything similar in price, that is androgynous as TV, and is sold by Libertine? 
 Go easy on him Cox!
 And used them on her Ashley Madison meet ups?
 Such a good line!
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