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 An absolutely epic campaign. Many thanks for sharing - the suits look good.
I found the response to my cigar query quite lack lustre, but I shouldn't be surprised, you're all protein munching health fanatics. This is a good thing.   Anyway, Cigar Hut.com.au is really good if you're looking at spoiling a special chimney. Well priced and quick delivery!
Speaking of Menswear consumption related topics, has anyone ever bought Cigars online, and know a reputable retailer?
That's beautiful Foxy.
   All good, Pete - Dusty Brogues means well (I assume). It's just a little bit of badinage. Amber Absolute is so good, I could almost pour the bottle over my head. I highly recommend this fragrance.
 Trying to find quality apparel that is well made, looks good, and is affordable.
Speaking of girls, what was Nepal like, Foxhound?   I've heard Prague has the most attractive women in the world - how do the Nepalese stack up?
 Contiki is much better bang for your buck.
Foxy, save the money.   Come with me on a 45 day Contiki around Europe in August. You'll see plenty of cities at a good pace.
Good things come in small sizes. You of all people, Dusty Brogues, would know this.
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