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 +1 - I am a big fan of it.
 Underwhelmed. Your blog is really coming along Kayhill - keep it up!
I was merely wondering why people say "Suit shop is made in China, brand X is also made in China". Why does it matter where it is made? Why distinguish two brands based on country of origin?   Lachy was comparing brands and I saw China get dropped in there.   Just making an observation. As for DR, I'm sad I never got to read his post :(. :).
Why does it matter if the suit is made in China or Italy? We all know Chinese labourers are equivalently skilled as their Kiton counterparts. Or am I missing something from the Aussie group think from days gone past?
 Amazing watch. What a beautiful thing. One day. One day.
Mate the Saffa accent is the most enjoyable to listen to out of all the English dialects.
My Filson 257 arrived.   It fits everything I need it to fit, perfectly. The 256 would have been too small - thanks for all those that helped out.   My only complaint is the leather strap. It's slippery and it is hard.
 Cheers mate, I appreciate it. This is what Styleforum is all about, really.
Who knew talking about music could be as controversial as talking about politics, race or religion?
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