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That is an incredibly depressing story. I really feel for you. Pricks!
 Cheers Appolyon. It is such a shame. When I bought that computer in 2009 it was lightning fast. Now it sounds like a Boeing 747 on a runway and takes forever to switch on and open up programs. It is just the feeling that I could 'put up with it' for another 12 or so months. But are laptops really going to take another leap forward in 12 months?
Team   Sorry to throw the thread once more, but I need your advice.   My desktop computer (bought for $1,200 Nov 2009 - 5 years, 6 months ago), wouldn't switch on. I played around quite extensively inside to no avail. I urgently wanted another computer so I dunked $2,200 on an Dell XPS 13" laptop. This weekend I gave one last attempt at playing around with the old computer, checked all the chords, and it booted up fine (I have a feeling the HDD may have not been...
 I don't buy from corporations that avoid paying tax. What if you don't use Macs?
 I thought you had blocked my posts! Long time, no speak! You're right - just weekends. Hey, my computer has necked. I have to regrettably tap into my travel fund to buy a laptop. Has anyone tried the XPS 13" from Dell? For the $2,000 price range?
 Compadre Do not take her to the Park Hyatt - it's shit. Book a table at ARIA or Quay if you are set on a nice dinner out. Quay you will have to wait 4 months, so I'd go with ARIA. I'd actually really recommend Lumi. It's a new Italian restaurant on the wharves at Pyrmont. You can catch the ferry from Circular Quay together - beautiful at sunset. If you are prepared to venture out of CQ, your options are limitless.
$6,000 for bespoke GJ Cleverly at Double Monk! Are Lobbs and St Crispin bespoke in that price range too?
Really!? Sports coats and T-shirts yes, but do you really see a cardigan as formal as a sports coat? Hmmm, now you've got me second guessing! I even wear a plain tee with a Barbour at the moment.
 I think Fox is pretty much on the money. #1 is awesome - that's my usual rig. If you can get the cut on the jeans right, and the fit on the white tee nailed, the look is really good. You can even switch the Barbour Bedale for a navy cardigan if you are inside - a little more studious/nerdy in your look. Forget #2. Let people find out that you support Chelsea, rather than telling them that you do for 20 metres away. With #3 - I think brown sports coat is really hard to...
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