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Fxh,   Following on from the theme established by certain members of this thread, it's customary to quote the source from which you get your information.
 +100 This is where I got my glasses from. George is a great guy and his team know how to fit the glasses well. They don't sell any Luxottica brands - only European niche. George is just as passionate about construction and heritage as I am.
 Tieing up loose ends?
Noted. And agreed. But I think the attack on the use of 'majority' in my argument is more an attack on society's reliance on using a majority to determine a resolution, rather than an attack on my logical reasoning. If the majority of people say your shoes are black, when they are white to you, then indeed, they're black.
 Cheers mate, that's exactly what I was referring to. And given the above, I don't think you can scold someone because of how they use 'tailor' and 'bespoke'. Why do people get so defensive when I say it, but it's all sweet and good when you say it?
It sounded logical in my head.   Not so good in writing.
 An assumption. :) I feel the earth, move, under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down.
 Tough call. Maybe Rob can chime in - he knows Patrick better than anyone else. I wager that Patrick does know how to cut a pattern and stitch - albeit not very well. Anyway, I believe he is making reference to his team of tailors. Which he employs through another company.
It's still your product, even if it is outsourced. Those tailors are employed by his company. Being a pedant would assume you're correct. But I don't see how you are more correct than someone that has a broader less 'picky' definition of bespoke.
 He knows how to make a suit, and is capable of making a suit, hence is allowed to call himself a tailor. The items his brand makes are personalised and individual, and only made upon request - the widely accepted definition of bespoke. You and what, 100 other people have a more refined definition of bespoke? That's great, but this article is written for the 2 billion people that all define bespoke the other way. We live in a democracy and according to the the law of...
New Posts  All Forums: