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Nailed it! 
 What's the definition of 'making'? They have Dormeuil and other cloths at a similar if not greater standard to the other houses you listed.
 According to the dictionary, they are tailors. According to the cognoscenti and SF, they are definitely not tailors. It's perspective, really.
 Well played, Pink Socks.
 Who me? If only. Dartagnan Red was right, I've gone back down to MJB $350 suits. Cost of living is just ridiculously high at the moment.
 One of them is wearing chukkas?  Agree with you Cox. PJ's point of difference is to try and be casual in a formal setting. Basically trying to be a linen summer suit with wool. I think they do a good job, but yeah, shiny flash! The female models in the section below look nice.
 Was she good looking? Not being sexist, I'm just curious. She is probably one of their highest selling employees. My friend used to work at Watches of Switzerland and I'd go in and visit. There was a tall pretty Chinese girl with legs that just did not end, they went on and on and she knew it. She spoke Mandarin which helped, but she knew virtually nothing about watches. She was hard to beat on monthly sales - men just loved to buy from her. I went to Henry Bucks on...
 Just got a shipment of wine from Spain. Good times ahead. Speaking of good times, my amigo needs a tie for his wedding tomorrow. Anywhere in the CBD where a good tie can be bought, today? I was thinking Henry Bucks and Kazuna for starters? It's one of those 'sudden' weddings - they might be Catholics.
 Consider yourself lucky! For most, that is a lifetime limit.
 You organised 2 really good meets. Your efforts in pulling it all together were really well received and appreciated - I had a good time at both functions.
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