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Really!? Sports coats and T-shirts yes, but do you really see a cardigan as formal as a sports coat? Hmmm, now you've got me second guessing! I even wear a plain tee with a Barbour at the moment.
 I think Fox is pretty much on the money. #1 is awesome - that's my usual rig. If you can get the cut on the jeans right, and the fit on the white tee nailed, the look is really good. You can even switch the Barbour Bedale for a navy cardigan if you are inside - a little more studious/nerdy in your look. Forget #2. Let people find out that you support Chelsea, rather than telling them that you do for 20 metres away. With #3 - I think brown sports coat is really hard to...
 Mate Bite the bullet and message Jay to see if he still has this in stock (it is listed as out, but you never know). Easily the most beautiful cotton Cardigan I have seen. It's from the Okayama prefecture in Jappan - nice peoples. I can't vouch for Eternal, but I am sure some of the denim heads could provide guidance. The colour.....the colour. https://www.blueowl.us/product/eternal-indigo-rope-dyed-shawl-cardigan/
Hi Team   Has anyone tried AnonymousIsm socks? They are getting quite a bit of chit chat on the interwebz. Made in Japan, etc.   https://needsupply.com/mens/brands/anonymous-ism     I tried Moc Socks by MS & Co. I think they are pretty shit - they keep falling down at the heels. I wonder whether AnonymousIsm can solve that problem?   -------   Lastly, has anyone tried Grover...
 Bulkin Brah? Eshayz! It is hard to know what is 'cheaper' when referencing Ze Foxhound. BUT, Patrick Johnson long sleeve polos look good. If you buy one, they might through in a MTM singlet to show ultimate gainz.
 Deadly serious, Dusty.  I like this idea. Hermes is nice, but scarves are $1,250 AUD here, and about 250 Euros in France. Even over there, they are still pretty steep.
 Do we pay a premium for these in Australia relative to the country of origin?
 I have two pairs of John Lobb. Good shoes, but I think I'd prefer to go bespoke rather than RTW. I like your thinking, though.
Team, I hope everyone is well and warm.   Family is passing through France. Does anything unique to France that is worth buying spring to mind in the sartorial sense? I know this question is a lot easier if I said Florence, but I am just trying to think of things the French do well.   Cheers guys!
 Matt, name and shame the brand!
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