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George has been a delight to liaise with. Anyone giving F&S a call, ask to speak to George!
Depending on when you ordered, EoM is not being supplied with anymore EG shoes from EG, until 2014 - at the earliest.   Assuming you didn't order, a long long time ago.
 NPV that shit, BITCH!
Low blow, Nabil, low blow.   I'm loving this financial badinage, though.
To give you a ball park, they'll be at least $20 per pair, maybe even $30.   I would expect them to be around $25-$30 pp.
 That's an affiliate on the forum, bud. http://www.styleforum.net/t/367930/neo-nouveau-luxury-leather-goods-by-andrew-diba-official-affiliate-thread/0_10
 How does it feel?
I get mine from Double Monk in Melbourne and Exquisite Trimmings in the U.K. Ring Double Monk, ask them what you want and they'll quote you including shipping. P.S Pink Socks, that last Guinness add has just made me crave a drink - majorly.
 Get a 28 degrees credit card! Paypal gives you a terrible conversion rate. They charge at least 200 basis points for the conversion. Where as 28 degrees will gives you as close to the spot as you can get. Oh, and when you're applying for the 28 degrees card, don't say that you're a student with no income - that was my first mistake.
Wow, how did they stuff that up? There must be some poor sod on the other side of the world looking at some brown suede string loafers, going 'wtf are these'?
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