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Do you guys have a link as to how you would lace an 8 eyelet boot?
A really interesting article levelled at people like Fox, DR, Oli and I. I can't disagree with it. This bit really rings true:  [[SPOILER]]
 What are the odds that you will have some smalls this season? Less than 50%?
No gloves :(
What about 'highlighting' trips to Hong Kong?
Spending the the big $$$! Now for fit pics!
 Investing in Platinum Asset Management and Magellan would be wise. Those fund managers have stood the test of time.
 Congrats on becoming another Aussie SF affiliate! That makes 2? Both tie/bow ties? Edit: Forgot Elite Suits! 3 Aussie affiliates!
Come on Fox, pics or it didn't happen!
Hopefully this can bring some clarity to what I am saying. Here you can see the different 'fits'. Slim, regular and relaxed. The last one is the Bedale. People like the Bedale but they want it to fit like the slim jacket in the first picture. This is never going to happen unless you maybe get the Bedale-SL which was built for Japanese people. With jackets, fit is king and you have to select your style based on what kind of fit you want. I believe all the people in these...
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