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 Balmain Dockers, mate.
 Woollahra is middle class.
 Two breasts are definitely better than one. Agreements.
Pics when they arrive, Rob. The concept is solid.   Do you guys agree with the suit review?   http://www.styleforum.net/t/386970/largest-ready-to-wear-suit-brand-review-39-brands-by-parisian-gentleman
That was quite deep. I'm struggling to comprehend your abstract thinking.
Andrew,   On your previous article, I've been pondering something the editor of Rake said. He said, "Dressing should be an outer manifestation of the class that lies beneath". I know this is more UK appropriate, but what exactly was he alluding to? That we should not try to dress up, or that we should dress down because we'll feel more comfortable dressing down? He used Jeremy Clarkson and Stephen Fry as an example.
Happy Easter Aussies.   Rob - great pic.   Cone Mills Selvedge is excellent. I just bought a pair of Tellason jeans and they feel excellent once broken into.   Edit: The Tellason story - http://vimeo.com/29788997   If anyone is looking for a good pair of jeans you can try them on at Maple Store in Sydney. Their prices are very good too.
 Adam, what's wrong with this?? An m65 with a plain t-shirt, indigo jeans and boots is my favorite rig.
 He got given the bottle and whilst opening it he realised that the bottle had been corked so he threw it out. You remember good wines, not 'off' ones. And the chances of a bottle from 1959 still being in good condition is extremely rare.
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