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  The exception, rather than the norm, compadre.
  "Like shoes" is an understatement. Glasses are so individual and personalized that there is zero chance you can buy a pair of glasses on the web and know they'll look good on you without having tried them on first. Prepare to use the 'return to sender' envelope they post to you, several times.
@FXH - Priceless!   @Jasont: 6,240 SEK = $1,000 AUD. 770 Pounds = $1,400 AUD, less 30% discount = $980.   They're essentially the same. However, if you get lasted trees with Bespoke (included in the price??) then that makes a big difference. We use to get 65 p on the D. Now we get 55. It really hurts.
 They have nothing in UK 7 :\. Even with the 30% discount the AUD has been crushed so badly by the pound, Skoatie at full price is equivalent. Damn Brits and their determination to turn around their economy! And what would you want a derby for?  That's a new low for you. But yes I am :).
 Sorry, those shirts and suit jackets are clothing porn for me. Couldn't resist. A bit like you in an overseas Ralph Lauren store. JM, you mentioned price, are Rene's suits less than $2,500? And has anyone bought a pair of St James II in Cherry? Are they quite bright and too loud for CBD? I think they'd look excellent with grey or navy suits.
 I'd take your suit and boots if you were my size :(.
They still offer the cheapest price for a pair of G&G.   I wonder when their next sale is :)?
 Beautiful. Cumpliments, scrapped from my suit trousers.
 With a pair of scissors, do you think I could cut it down to a 36R without compromising on the look?
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