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 lol! Ovlov and I just went ahead with his suggested deal! Is the difference really that much? We ended up being hit with only $10 shipping - each.
Congratulations, Jason!
Your shirt fits brilliantly - where did you get it? Really looking forward to seeing the end result - looks great thus far. I'm surprised he selected the buttons before the cloth!
You've finally stopped blurring your face! Great fit, mate! And a lovely jacket. Oh, and keep up the quality reviews - I like them.
 Keeping in line with the positive and friendly attitude laid down by other members of this thread, I have to say that your question is superficial. There is no such thing as a 'perfectly fitted jacket' as perfection is not possible, hence it is impossible to answer you question. Acquiescence! Dropping the big words!
 You have a lot of time on your hands. As for the dictionary being 'superficial'.......lol.
 You can customise all of that when ordering a suit from Patrick. If you want your breast pocket moved up 1 cm from the 'pattern' suit you are wearing, they can do that for you. So by your definition, Patrick is bespoke.
 But that's the point - MTM is bespoke. It's a 'type' of bespoke. So they are technically not wrong in not correcting the newspaper articles. Zink and Sons, full bespoke suit for $2,000? Are you sure?
I apologise, forgive me. I was probably trying to convince myself more than anything. I quoted you out of context. All things said and done, I agree with your original post!
 Patrick does have an overbearing cult following on this forum, but I believe it is justified. Can you name an Australian competitor to Patrick that: A) Uses Italian fabrics and Italian tailoring houses (providing high quality hand finishing)B) Measures you in person and customises the pattern to fit youC) Provides unlimited alterations and fittings within a short period once the suit arrives andD) Prices sub $2,000 for a suit? If I could afford a $5,000 suit from other...
New Posts  All Forums: