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 That google link seems to support the proposition that there are Chinese people in Italy working under extortionate conditions - sadly there certainly would be. I put forward the proposition that these Chinese workers in Italy are in the minority, not the majority.
 If a piece of clothing is 'Made in China', there is a very large probability that it was made under sweatshop conditions. If a piece of clothing is 'Made in Italy', there is a very small probability that it was made under sweatshop conditions. I tend to buy brands where they have publicized and promoted their manufacturing process and the conditions in which their workers operate. I think those of us that are in the position where we have enough power to choose, should...
 Haha, great to hear. What do you think of the denim? It starts life out as cardboard, but gets more soft with time. I wear mine Fri-Sun every weekend. See that's why I really like Maple. They're a store that runs very tight to prices you can find online and they're happy to provide advice on fit and sizing. I'm going to tell them to try and stock some better Japenese denim, like Momotaro. T-shirts and jeans you can't buy without trying on, in my opinion. And I'd prefer it...
 If we are talking about swim shorts they fit very true to size. Go with your waist size above all else. They're designed to have the tab adjusters engaged. So if your normal waist size is 34 inches, go with a size 34. I wouldn't try and be fancy and size up or size down, none of that vanity stuff. Just nail your waist measurement. Tighter is probably better than looser, especially as you're a slim chap. Get the classic cut - medium length.  Did you end up going to Maple...
 I was actually pondering this earlier today. I know he is older than 25, but definitely younger than 40. Alright Lach, no more personal pot shots - DR gets into more fights in this thread than any other member. There's no point in hitting someone when they're on the ground.
 Sorry mate, just wanted to make sure you're still alive. I think we're due for another Ralph Lauren update.
Great shirt, Andrew. Such a classic, timeless look.   The fabric looks so silky smooth and soft.   Well played.
DartagnanRed should be able to chime in, he goes on extravagant trips to Hong Kong. I often wonder how his suits do not end up creased.
 A bit of a stretch, Jason.... That's not how consumers think. The worse they are, the better you look.
What do you mean?
New Posts  All Forums: