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And as a result the soldiers would sleep in them, creasing the jacket and giving a worn in look. Hence, fatigue jacket. ZING!
 We live, and we learn.
 I genuinely thought it was called a 'fatigue' jacket because the material looks worn-in: tired.
 Does yours have a kind of 'faded' look about it - hence being called fatigue jacket? Does it look like this? Or is it more faded? Because the fatigue jacket on the GAP website looks incredibly more 'faded' than this one - despite both being advertised as a fatigue jacket. Same jacket but on the GAP website:  One looks sleek, the other worn.....which to trust?
Did you also get your M65 from GAP, Rob? EDIT: Just read your post from above.
 What kind of $$$ price are we talking here? Any pics?
 Did you have to put in a special request to get the trench boot with a danite sole?
Good stuff Fox! I saw Dartagnan Red today sporting a pink OCBD with chocolate suede Carmina loafers like yours. Great look - setting the standard.
Do you guys have a link as to how you would lace an 8 eyelet boot?
How do you guys lace an 8 eyelet trench boot?
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