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 Shit! Busted. And that's the purple bag I carry DR's balls around in too!
 He always has his jacket buttoned up, but is that to give the impression that he is a compact, well trained, fighting machine? Mind you, he did have it undone when he was in Morocco. However, if I  was in that heat, I would have everything undone.
 The Point collar is ugly and he wears it in the opening scene. Ruined the entire scene for me.
Anyone else see Spectre tonight?   Tom Ford has done well. Minor collar gap at times, but good wide lapels and perfect tv pocket square folds. How do you manage to slide down the side of a building without tearing the fabric, with your button done up and still come out with a perfect fitting suit?   There was one scene that surprised me. Bond wore a very short red knitted tie. It didn't end anywhere near his belt. Still looked excellent.   As for the film - it was...
 Was just having a joke :). I don't mind the t shirt under jacket look at all, I just remember the debate flaring up in this thread. I can't recall if it was because a T shirt doesn't have a collar, or because you don't see the cuff at the end of the sleeve, or both?
 Cox, I agree with you to an extent. You can put skilled workers in an environment where they are almost 'forced' to produce quality garments, but this can always be trumped by Henry Carter's example. I am going to sound like a wanker, but a garment made with pride and passion will end up being more of a masterpiece (?) than a garment made by someone chasing security or money. Henry''s tie makers are in it for the love, and I believe that if there are two skilled people,...
 Are T shirts and suit jackets now a thing for you, Cox? 
 Does that mean your judgement is poor about DR, or Karma is a concept that doesn't work? I haven't found Karma to be faulty yet, sorry, Foxy :(. If it makes you feel any better, I made the wrong judgement once too.
 Man, I really feel sorry for you, nothing seems to ever go your way.
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