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Is it safe to assume their shirts start between $250 and $300?
 Haha, I found the same thing. Sadly, people think Ralph Lauren, MJ Bale, Herringbone, R&B, TM Lewin and CT shirts are good. There is better than PJ though - bespoke shirts, like the one Andrew got made, that shirt is incredible.
Haha, that post takes the cake, Fxh. No words needed.
If you were to do a 35 day trip in Europe, ending up in the Greek Islands, is it better to do it in June, July or August? Temperature and crowd wise?
 Haha, of course! What's wrong with it? Too short? Is it in a small ;)?
   Well played, Fox! I'm surprised you went for the Bedale rather than the Commander.
 Maybe he's sexist? It doesn't take much in this day and age to be labelled as sexist/racist/homophobic.  Now you're just being nasty and rude.
 Really? You honestly think this? Anyway, this is definitely OT.
 I don't need Microsoft Word. I just read a lot. Anyway, I agree with you, but this is a totally different topic of conversation to what you were referring to originally.
 Er, what? You're joking, right? Making blanket statements like, "women aren't very good at shopping for males" isn't sexist, but saying, "women find wealth and signs of wealth attractive", is? You can't see the forest from the trees :(.
New Posts  All Forums: