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 Thanks for being a douche. I'm sorry I didn't pick up on that as quickly as you did.
 You definitely don't want to be doing that. 
Do you guys think beanies have a place in classic menswear?   Do any of you wear one during your commute from home to work, and back again?
How do you know he was specifically referring to Eidos? Rubinacci shirt is big timer! Great pick ups though. Wear in good health!
 Hey Luke, I'm a novice with cameras, but has that person on the right been photo shopped into the picture? The lapels look skinny from these guys. Anyway, yeah, MTM is dime a dozen these days.
At face value it looks like a huge range, but it's not that imprecise when you think about it. It's in that 'bespoke' pricing range......where the nearest hundred dollar is not that significant......but not stupidly expensive like that Alpca jacket JM/Nabil linked a few pages back. It's similar to people's houses. Only in very rare instances do people ask how much someone paid for their house, friend or random, because it's pretty obvious and easy to fit in a 'bracket'...
You don't really need to ask, given the recent posts about the bespoke tailor.....the coat would have cost more than $1,000, and less than $5,000. It's in that bespoke price range.
Beautiful, DN - wear in good health. I bet the camera doesn't do it justice. You'll have to show me it in the flesh sometime.
 So much soul. So much soul. I knew there was a client base for all of MJ Bale's weird suit jackets where a well cut suit just isn't enough, there has to be contrasting stitching or extra buttons. Matt, you're not alone in your thinking - people like to add flair to their day and whip their verve out.  Clothing is just as much about context as it is about individuality.
It doesn't look like something your average cheese producer would wear. I think dressing to fit in is very important. If everyone was wearing blue, I wouldn't wear green or any other colour, I'd try to wear blue as best as I could.
New Posts  All Forums: