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 Sorry, those shirts and suit jackets are clothing porn for me. Couldn't resist. A bit like you in an overseas Ralph Lauren store. JM, you mentioned price, are Rene's suits less than $2,500? And has anyone bought a pair of St James II in Cherry? Are they quite bright and too loud for CBD? I think they'd look excellent with grey or navy suits.
 I'd take your suit and boots if you were my size :(.
They still offer the cheapest price for a pair of G&G.   I wonder when their next sale is :)?
 Beautiful. Cumpliments, scrapped from my suit trousers.
 With a pair of scissors, do you think I could cut it down to a 36R without compromising on the look?
Thanks for your advice Stiva, Fxh and Cox.   I'd definitely wear a black bow tie, but getting a dinner suit at the last minute might be tricky.
Same answer if you wear a navy suit? Black tie = black suit, white shirt and black bow tie only?
Do you lose points if you wear a grey suit to a black tie event?
Fuck. That's impressive.
You reckon that's the cheapest you'll ever see one retail for?
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