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[[SPOILER]] I am actually a lot older than I look - I am older than Foxhound (in my 20's). Just make sure you moisturise twice a day and you'll be the same.  Harsh, but valid. Nabil & Co. have made me reflect. Try to look at the quality content someone provides, not the circumstances in which it is being provided.
Speaking of P Johnston - I picked mine up today. Many thanks to Porter, Rob and Nick.   Yeah yeah, I took the picture without fixing my cuff.     A closer image of the fabric.  
Even I have helped the cause!
Rake, as always, was brilliant.
This is great. From my limited experience I couldn't agree more. Would you also say that a pair of black shoes with another pair of dark chocolate brown shoes should do it as well? You could theoretically, rotate the two as well.
 Some people don't care what reputation they have for what they wear. So if they wear the same suit everyday to work, they don't care if people know they only have one suit. To them, it's the most insignificant thing in what would be a perfectly happy life. Other people get bored with their clothing and "need" variety to be happy. I guess my point is, the answer lies within, not what is expected from other people. If you like to wear only navy, fu*k it! Wear only...
This thread generates so much business for SuitShop and PJ. I think I heard that manufacturing is running at 125% - if that is even possible!
I had 5 shirts MTM from Patrick. Easily the best shirts I have. They fit so well and the cloth is so soft. I thought R&B/Herringbone had good cotton, until I got these. They iron very easily as well. Worth the coinage given how often you are seen in a shirt without a jacket.
Stick in there Ovlov, you'll find a solution!
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