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 See, Matt, you sound really genuine. If you were, you would have pm'ed me that. Instead, you wasted all your time (when you could have been helping a teenager in Warnambool) to make a pointless and pretty lame insult. Good try though. In the meantime, I'll appreciate people like Wurger, who do indulgent things, such as buying 10+ pairs of black cap toes because they are passionate and interesting. And I won't make comments to him, such as, 'wow, I wish I could blow a heap...
 You knew exactly what I meant. Just don't make snide remarks about people's spending habits. Yeah, CEP saw a pair of shoes he liked in the morning and bought it that afternoon. Is that exorbitant and indulgent? Maybe. But I don't think that is worth drawing attention to, or commenting on. Instead of saying, 'I wish I could see something I liked and just go ahead and buy it', say something like, 'I wish I didn't have spending habits that resemble the anatomy of a fish'. 6...
 Damn....could I have used this code on the three t-shirts I bought?
 You are the king at playing Oliver Twist. It is true though, you need to take things slowly when you're saving up for your Mosman mansion.
 Very erotic. I like it. Bang away, Captain, bang away.
DR, there's no use in adding fuel to the already giant fire.   Tell us how Ralph Lauren is looking on a global scale.
I bought one loop wheeled, one Henley and one distressed indigo (the one with the pocket).   Here's hoping!   Cheers guys.
Has Epaulet sold out of shorts?
I actually don't have an opinion on shirts tucked into jeans. If it looks good and you like it, what else matters?   Careful with the language, Skeen. Let's not go overboard here.   Also, how do you know FoxHound is a virgin? Sounds like speculation to me.
 Remy and DR will never be BFFLs. DR seriously froths for Hong Kong Ralph Lauren, Remy does not share this froth. Looks good Pop, keep it up chief.
New Posts  All Forums: