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DR, there's no use in adding fuel to the already giant fire.   Tell us how Ralph Lauren is looking on a global scale.
I bought one loop wheeled, one Henley and one distressed indigo (the one with the pocket).   Here's hoping!   Cheers guys.
Has Epaulet sold out of shorts?
I actually don't have an opinion on shirts tucked into jeans. If it looks good and you like it, what else matters?   Careful with the language, Skeen. Let's not go overboard here.   Also, how do you know FoxHound is a virgin? Sounds like speculation to me.
 Remy and DR will never be BFFLs. DR seriously froths for Hong Kong Ralph Lauren, Remy does not share this froth. Looks good Pop, keep it up chief.
 - one can only try.
 It depends on whether the jacket is bespoke or a variation of bespoke ~ MTM. They're both forms of bespoke, so I guess the jacket should be topied. It's quite interesting what you'll discover when you apply some basic logic. The real question is, should we spend $,$$$ on some PR person to change the word Bespoke to MTM, just because a few pedants have their knickers in a knot. I think not.
 Drugs get us all in the end. I advocate not legalising illegal drugs.
NYI   Those shorts you are wearing, are they from Epaulet? I can't seem to find them on the website.   Also, has anyone tried the tees? Thoughts? It's very hard to buy tees online given how hard it is to get the shoulders right etc.
A baby girl and a baby boy. Someone's smiling upon you. Congratulations - all the best!
New Posts  All Forums: