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 You can go out at lunch, have a beer or two, and come back and function as you would normally. You should try it sometime, you know, be sociable, get some friends. You can't go out at lunch, have a line or two, and come back and function as you would normally. You shouldn't do that to try and prove your point . EDIT: As for jay walking.....who cares whether I do it or not, I wouldn't want that to be made legal either! 
Good points all-around.
 When I was younger, I would agree with you, Fxh. But time and age has made me realise that decriminalising most, possibly all, drug taking, wouldn't be a good thing. Do you want people coming back from their lunch break high on cocaine?
Touche Paisley. Experience and a deeper understanding does change people's views .
 Cocaine usage is a serious problem in Sydney and we need to everything we can to reduce or remove it.
 Did you go to their bathroom? I love the 'no cocaine in the bathroom, please', sign.
 I second that motion.
  That was terrible.
 This is true. You just have one thing you need to get better at: managing your tall poppy syndrome.   No worries, Dusty. I hope life is treating your well.
 I need to get better at this form of internet fencing.
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