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 I actually hadn't thought of that until you mentioned. I guess being non-square has its advantages.
 Was at Sopra this morning, hahah. Grosvenor Place 225 George - just around the corner.
 Pasta is fresh and light at Fratelli Bridge St - I second your suggestion. Great blog by the way, mate. Do you work near Bridge?
Fuark a 1959 bottle of Grange. I got to get me some of that.   The wine that brought down a Premier.
 Errrrrrr I was referring to The Red wedding, which was an episode from last season, last year..............
What is it with George R.R. Martin and freaking crazy weddings?
Is it just me, or is it not possible to cut and paste from Andrew's blog?
 A chukka for our generation - without a doubt. A penny loafer is so 'Ivy' it hurts. Mind you, DR was rocking one on the weekend and they looked great/inconspicuous.
I have to confess, Elite Suits offers very good fabric at a good price.   But the question of fit always remains.
Simon,     Making a suit requires more than just measurements. The measurements that Elite Suits asks for is indeed comprehensive - you ask for just about every measurement under the sun. But the correct measurements don't ensure the the correct 'fit'. A Savile Row suit maker with a set of measurements will make a suit differently to a Brioni suit maker with the same measurements. This is what you call the 'block'. Customers need to see more of your block, and decide...
New Posts  All Forums: