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 It is definitely DartagnanRed, not the butler. He is the only one that would be bothered to troll us.
 Cox, I couldn't agree more. Truth is not a single perspective, it is many.
 Yes, Geoff, yes. Haha, in all seriousness, I like it how New, new world producers are having a go at Pinot, but to call them 'exceptional' doesn't leave many bigger words for Mornington or Tasmania, or Central Otago.
 No Geoff, no.
Constant humidity and temperature stops the cork from having to expand and contract, less stress, less chance of oxidation / dry cork.
 Opening a corked wine would be the equivalent to having a miscarriage. You have to do everything you can to reduce the risk of that happening. Can you imagine the horror of opening a single vineyard Burgundian Grand Cru and the cork being dud?
1st world problems.
 Are you the hubby, or your hubby is out at work?
 Why do you disagree with me!? Trolls ! This shit is banned for very good reasons ! Last time, I argued for them to not be banned. I got hounded. This time I argue for them to be banned. I get hounded. It's like I am always right, but for the wrong reasons.
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