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Give an example.
So its a thumbs up then.
Brown is something of a special case in that you wear it together in different shades.There is more flexibility with a lighter grey trou because if gives a greater range of contrast.
I'd be tempted to wear black watch trou with that.You're pushing at the boundaries here. It could spectacular, or fail dismally.I have seen some very nice Velvet DJ's over the years. It works and it has form.You could also substitute a very fine wale cord for the velvet. I've seen that done too.
Some may consider them a bit showy perhaps, but I don't have a problem with them.I wouldn't wear them myself though.
They maybe worthy of consideration for your Black Tie casual project.
Are we talking about cocktail cuffs here?
Yes, It was a very clever move.
That was no faux-pas Reagan knew exactly what he was doing there.He wanted to stand out.Being an ex-actor he would have been well aware of the power of clothes.
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