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I'll have to dig out my old Isaiah Berlin book, reacquaint myself.Given this, who,would you recommend Dan Brown, Darth Strauss, Dr Seuss?
A Machiavellian approach to dressing.Is it a guide or satire?
What book?
Perhaps they become 'rules' because they do produce aesthetically better outcomes.Have you considered this?
Evolve means to develop gradually.Darwinian evolution is a specific type of evolution which conforms to Darwinian principles. Yep, more fuckin Rules!!!
I'm sure that Native Americans were stylish, with their headdresses and the like. I'm sure bikers and Hells Angels are stylish, even though this probably manifests itself through their motorcycle with its chrome plating and Von Dutch inspired paint work. I'm sure that African chiefs are/were stylish too and a whole range of indigenous people the world over are stylish as well. But we are talking about what is stylish within the classic menswear canon.
Near symmetry yes, absolute symmetry no. In fact you would find it off putting.Symmetry is not a prerequisite for finding things attractive.
You missed the obvious one. Wearing a SR flannel suit and a bowler hat whilst posing with a Thompson machine gun.Come on.
Is this the guy? This isn't style its pastiche.
I was actually hoping for a picture of someone.
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