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IIRC you can get different silks for facings. Matte or Satin. I don't think there's a problem in that regard.Again, Harrisons have a Mohair Barathea in their Evolution book. That's perfect DJ material.Traditional Black Tie is by definition a restrictive dress code and formal. There is room for manoeuvre but not much as I said in another post.
Well if you like heavier cloth you like it.A lot of the lighter, modern cloth tailor as well, if not better than a lot of the heavier stuff of yesteryear. Better looms, more advanced finishing.Lessers still do 16oz. The chalksripes in that book are great. Makes for a great old skool city of London look.Dugdale still have 14oz clothsBateman & Ogden still have 140z cloths.Harrisons have an18oz and above book called Universal, but some of those cloths have a poor hand.So, it...
I don't see why not.
10oz?My Tonik was quite a bit heavier than that and was bullet proof.
I've only ever used their Tonik cloth and that was a long time ago.Imagine a more urbane Scabal and that's Dormeuil.They sell good cloths, a lot of it is milled in England.They are a good resource for unusual/fancy patterns that you won't find in the more conventional merchants like Minnis, Lessers etc.who specialise in business and traditional cloths.They are expensive.
There's a new (old one) on Amazon about $1800. Serious money for any book.I noticed it only goes up to '74, which is pre-disco!
Quite a comprehensive list there.Nice to see Laver on itChenoune is also good and bloody expensive too.
Who is he?
Well, from the front, its authentic. its a true great coat. we can't see the back.Now, lets change the cloth, remove the epaulettes and change the buttons.How does it look now, figuratively speaking?
He was inspired by my original post.
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