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I presume we are comparing Crispaire to Frontier?I have several suits made from Crispaire.These were made years ago when the book was known as Crispaire Fresco and contained a few Mohair and heavyweight Fresco suiting. Not sure what the new stuff is like even though my tailor has the current, or what looks the soon to be replaced current book.I don't notice much difference between the Frontier and Crispaire in terms of performance in hot weather to be honest. Nice...
One reason is that the tailor may not have a trade account with a particular merchant.Some tailors refuse to so CMT
I'm sure there are nailheads in the Harrisons Frontier book.
I thought a Paddock coat was a style of overcoat? Nothing wrong with 3 button jackets. If well cut, they flatter.
Another problem with black is that whilst its easy to accesorise, its very limited.You can't move much beyond a monochrome look.Which in certain circumstances can look good. Out clubbing and the like.Diagonal pinstripe?
Bear in mind your suits are for summer, so yo may never get the chance to wear you them.You have nothing to lose by having them made up however.
How you thinking of styling them?
Textile King?
Black suits are an interesting one. They are seen as too severe for day wear these days. De rigueur in days of yore.Its also a colour of cloth that benefits from a bit of sheen or finish. It can look a bit dingy without. Mohair in black is beautiful for example. Faille is another cloth that works well in Black.I see it as a cloth best suited to a more fashionable look these days.
Well I am British but I wouldn't say I was fancy. Again it been a long time since I looked at facings for a DJ, but I'm sure you can get matte and satin facings. Others with more recent experience can chip in. Weldons was the merchant IIRC.Traditional Black Tie is formal. Increase in formality, decrease in choices. Dem da rulez!!!Now creative black tie.
New Posts  All Forums: