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Its not the colours that I object to, its the crispness of the fabric. Mohair looks sharp, too sharp IMO for an odd coat.If I wanted an odd coat for summer with a bit of shimmer, I'd investigate the solid coloured wool/silk mixtures that Minnis (Ascot II) and Harrisons (Sunbeam) offer. You could wear those with Linen trou.
I agree.I don't see Mohair as odd jacket material.
Italian tailors were better at tailoring lightweight cloths true, but that gap has narrowed ,now that more English customers request them from their tailors. A 7oz cloth requires a different approach than a 14oz.. Italian tailors were used to tailoring it, English tailors weren't. Skill requires exposure.Most tailors, including Italians prefer to work with heavier, English cloths in my experience.
He can just tuck the flaps in.
Tailors prefer working with heavier cloths. Heavier cloth suits the bespoke process and is easier to tailor.
Easier to fuse cloth of that weight. i should imagine.
Gentlemen, there is nothing wrong with SBPL odd jackets. PL add a bit of dash to a sportscoat IMO. I have several and recommend them.
Shattuck blows with the wind.I'd take anything he says with a pinch of salt.
Have your tailor get you some samples.
It performs well, shreds wrinklesBear in mind these are suits I wear only occasionally in the summer months. Never in Autumn/Winter. So the they don't receive a lot of hammer.I see them as late Spring/Summer cloths and accept the compromise in terms of lux.
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