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I know what you mean.When I said navy and purple it was more a reddish-purple and was actually quite fetching. I could see it working in certain applications. High fashion or couture for example.Difficult to describe, you'd have to see it. Not as 'eye glazing' as you think.
He needs to button up his waistcoat. Ruining the look of what looks like a nicely cut 3 piece with a cack handed attempt at sprutzzurezzz.You used to get shot Mohairs in some bold contrasting colours.I've seen them in Green & Blue. Navy & Purple, Bronze & Black and a few others over the years.These cloths were favourites of the Mods and Rude Boys over here (Britain) in the 60's and is the origin of the the term Two Tone.You would struggle to find such bold cloths these...
Mohair comes from the Angora goat.Often confused with the Angora rabbit which provides the soft wool used in sweaters and the like and are confusingly sometimes referred to as Mohair sweaters.
This is what I'm thinking.Single button, SBPL black wool/silk mix.Light coloured linen trou.White Batiste shirt.So on.
I think the people who say that Mohair is Disco like have never seen the stuff made up.
Is this the inspiration for your avatar?
I'm intrigued by Unbel project. and would like to help him if possible. I don't think he will be wearing this for a traditional black tie event so the traditionalists can rest easy. Again, regarding the Mohair, this is only my own personal opinion. If you fancy using Mohair, go for it. I'd like to see the result.
Most of the clothes considered classic dress today are inspired by the Beau.The picture above is a caricature by the way,
Tell me about your Velvet number?
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