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Was this suit the product of a 'collaborative' effort?
Sometimes one needs to be elliptical, sometimes hyperbolic, or at other times parabolic but should avoid being tangential.
Not quite.Its refers to the number of fittings required.
Has the suit pictured a few pages back been delivered or is there still another fitting to be had? If so perhaps all is not lost. Sometimes these things just go wrong. One of the pitfalls of the travelling tailor model. I have never had 5 fittings for any suit.. There is an old saying.
If they do you wouldn't have to pay the tailors mark up.Do they still have those cloth shops on and around Regent Street?I only venture into London for meetings and haven't walked around that part of the city for years.
I always thought they sold it through their Sackville Street store..
The cloth is nice.Did you get that from the store on Sackville Street?
The cloth selection these days seems tame compared to even 20 years ago.Some of the stuff my tailor has on his shelves from the 60's and 70's Well.
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