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You thought wrong.
His name was Dr George Daniels. Died in 2010,He invented the coaxial escapement used by Omega.It was said just before his death, that he was the only living horologist able to build a watch completely by hand. That is, make every component and assemble it by his own hand.Here:
Again, I know, but he is soliciting advice on here, and Despos is the person best able to offer that advice, on here.
You mean you don't know?A connoisseur of the horologists art would know immediately of who I speak.
Most modern watches are about jewellery not craftsmanship. Most incorporate mass produced movements. The last true horological craftsman died a few years back. The last of his kind.
I hate those short ties.
I know, but he is asking for opinions on here. The best, most level headed opinion would come from a tailor, who actually knows what he is talking about. One such sartorial god posts on here I beleive.I learned this when I had my first suit made....25 years ago.
Maybe, just maybe, this tailoring deity will deign to offer an opinion or gasp! help the OP out. A sartorial deux ex machina.We can only hope....and pray.
I just lurve the sympathy on here...
The plot thickens... Isn't Despos a tailor? If so, the OP should ask him whether or not the suit is salvageable. This is infinitely better than a bunch of knobs like us advising him but less fun.
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