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I've seen several flecked suitings over the years, mostly100% wool. I have seen it done with silk also.A flecked Mohair isn't my cup of tea either, but I can see the attraction for some.
I think that Tonik is a fleck weave, not a Donegal which is a Tweed not a worsted. I don't ever recall seeing one in the old Tonik book. Shot and patterned, but not fleck. If I remember I'll ask my tailor about them.
Most of the watches lauded in this thread are mass produced, or contain mass produced parts. ETA movements for example.They are not exemplars of the finest craftsmanship and they are not art. Many are aesthetic pleasing though. It does not follow that because something is mass produced that it cannot be aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the reasons consumer goods sell.Daniels was the last of his type. I know of no other living horologist who could build a watch the...
My response was to someone who was being vitriolic towards me. Apropos mouthed off without reading the article I'd linked to whilst also ignoring the fact I wasn't even engaging with him. And to further compound his foolishness he continued to have a 'pop'. Similar to how you are behaving now,.Secondly, the linked articles weren't meant to be authoritative, they were a response to a request for information about whom I was referring to in an earlier post. His Wikipedia...
You didn't read the articles I linked to did you?You just decided to mouth off didn't you?Proving to all and sundry that you haven't got a clue what you are talking about.
Yes, he was Daniels pupil.Have you even read the articles I posted because if you have, I suggest you reread the NY Times one again. This time more carefully.
No tailor likes to be directed, its an insult in a way.
As I said. The last of his kind.I very much doubt that we will see skill of that level again. This thread confirms that, sadly.
The Dook had his valet do it for him.
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