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Everything is perfect! May I ask where you bought the socks?
Beautiful shirt! Great shoes, jacket, nice colour trousers and they all work perfectly together! I would wear the PS differently :)
Just Perfect!
I like all the items, except the shirt, but not the ensemble :)    I woud not wear a striped suit jacket as a blazer. I would definitely wear the suit with the PS and without a tie.
I am a bit cautious with using model photos for "guidance". The model has the looks to look gorgeous in anything. The photo is from a professional photographer with pro lighting, hair etc...
It raises concerns on the overall quality of the firm.
You are right and I apologize for the confusion. I meant that what I saw lacking in the new AEs is the rich deep polished colour I was used to see in my old AEs.
In my humble opinion it does. A nice patina is a sign of good quality.
I did not buy yet. I just noticed the "lack of shine" of the shoes in the shop, compared to my old AEs.
After several years, I paid a visit to my local AE retailer looking to buy one more pair of Park Avenue. I was disappointed to notice that the new shoes seem to lack the shiny polished look I was used. Is this my wrong impression, or a sign of deteriorating quality? Do other members share my view? 
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