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Yes,,The wedding boot is a representation of custom capability.That customer had to have a Kroop boot for her wedding..The other photo is of a "Bed Laster" which is used in the manufacture of Goodyear Welted footwear..The particular model is from about the 1940's..
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Despite the hate that Gucci as a brand receives on SF, their classic horsebit loafer is a staple. I'm a big fan. +1
Wonderful post...Great job AA++
Quote: Originally Posted by BerryWall No, Samuelsohn is better. A+ all day everyday
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel A NY Times article on Martin Greenfield: Michael Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bill Clinton, and Colin Powell are amongst his clients. MG, also makes suits for many up-scale brands, and costumes for many TV & movies productions, and Oxxford are probably the only 2 high end suit makers left in the US. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Can be nice. Where are these made??
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Given the response of the share price to this news, we shall have to hope that 1/3 of them don't get greedy and slay the golden goose, I suppose. I have watched the quality of my mother's LV goods decline over the years, from poorer quality canvas, to poorer quality leather, to designs that clearly court fads, to hardware that has changed almost imperceptibly over time from brass to zamac. Would be a terrible thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo So here's the deal... I won a pair of Hermes shoes (made by Paraboot) on eBay, but only later realized they were women's (or a small men's due to their unisex design). There is no mention of women's or any dainty details on the shoes. I would definitely wear them if they were a men's 9.5. Here is the link: I paid $76 shipped, so I am just looking to get my...
Quote: Originally Posted by sassyfras I tried to search for this but I don't get it; Kiton seems to be extermely expensive even for 'haute couture' Why are their shoes 2400 dollars? I don't get it. NObody seems to call them out for this on here, despite our contempt for the overpriced Gucci sneakers or the ghetto. Why? The intrinsic value
They'll be great...
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