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Interested in selling?
Hello. Any measurements? Those on their site look quite strange for a eu46.
Well, if anyone finds that his cotton/cashmere navy sport coat fits wrong in 37, drop me a line. Because I'm sad.
Hello, I've sent you a pm some time ago but have not received an answer. Is jacket sold already?
The seller says that US 8.5 equals UK 8, is he right? I thought that it should be full size down for UK. So the bottom line is - will they fit similar to my UK 7.5 on 325 last?
Those who have women who have stockings seems to be a credible version. You will never have a problem with supply.
Have been watching them, but the measurements (especially shoulders) are very odd for a 36 Db.
 I actually own a pair of Hallams (348) in burgundy calf made by C&J for Paul Smith. Subs although.
Well, that's strange. My jackets in 36r (LBM, Isaia, etc.) do definitely have at least 24.5 in sleeves and sometimes more than 25 and I also measure down from the shoulder. You can also take a look for example at http://www.styleforum.net/t/359856/hackett-of-london-unstructured-light-khaki-patch-pocket-double-breasted-sportcoat-36r or http://www.styleforum.net/t/349303/23-06-13-price-drop-bnwt-ermenegildo-zegna-milano-zero-seersucker-blue-jacket-36-46 Confused
Hello! Just to make sure - are the sleeves really that short as your measurements state? I do not see any marks on the tags which would declare the jackets short and the pictures look like the sleeves are of regular length. Thanks in advance.
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