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Could you please list the measurements? Thank you.
Thanks! Is the 7.5 segment as vastly represented in the shop as the 9+ish is? Or do they have a stricter QC for the smaller sizes?  About a year ago the 7.5 subs appeared pretty often on ebay but now there's a definite shortage of them. 
Do they let you try the shoes on in the factory shops or should you know the lasts beforehand?
Interested in selling?
Hello. Any measurements? Those on their site look quite strange for a eu46.
Well, if anyone finds that his cotton/cashmere navy sport coat fits wrong in 37, drop me a line. Because I'm sad.
Hello, I've sent you a pm some time ago but have not received an answer. Is jacket sold already?
The seller says that US 8.5 equals UK 8, is he right? I thought that it should be full size down for UK. So the bottom line is - will they fit similar to my UK 7.5 on 325 last?
Those who have women who have stockings seems to be a credible version. You will never have a problem with supply.
Have been watching them, but the measurements (especially shoulders) are very odd for a 36 Db.
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