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Check out Nomos. They make some if the nicest dress watches around at around 1500-1800usd
    This baby just arrived a few days ago. 
5'10" 175.  I could lose a couple of pounds though.  My ideal weight should be around 165-167
Davek makes excellent brollies. Not sure about international shipping though, but it doesn't hurt to email them if they will send you one.   http://www.davekny.com/umbrellas_elite.html
This is by JLC, the Tribute to Deep Sea Alarm. It has a nice subtle alarm, though I would like to think that during a dive the wearer would hear it perfectly.    
Awesome Nomos. Perfect dress watch
Hello Gentlemen.    I am an engineer from NY.  I hope to learn more from the gurus during my stay here.     I like watches, specifically mechanical ones either Swiss or German made.   Cheers   -Vince
I have a wallet from Tanner Goods, quality is nice so I am assuming that their belts would just be as nice.
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