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Check out Nomos. They make some if the nicest dress watches around at around 1500-1800usd
    This baby just arrived a few days ago. 
5'10" 175.  I could lose a couple of pounds though.  My ideal weight should be around 165-167
Davek makes excellent brollies. Not sure about international shipping though, but it doesn't hurt to email them if they will send you one.
This is by JLC, the Tribute to Deep Sea Alarm. It has a nice subtle alarm, though I would like to think that during a dive the wearer would hear it perfectly.    
Awesome Nomos. Perfect dress watch
Hello Gentlemen.    I am an engineer from NY.  I hope to learn more from the gurus during my stay here.     I like watches, specifically mechanical ones either Swiss or German made.   Cheers   -Vince
I have a wallet from Tanner Goods, quality is nice so I am assuming that their belts would just be as nice.
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