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Can anyone comment on the quality of Paul Betenly? 
You are correct. As long as your tie hang somewhere above or on the belt buckle, you are okay. 
  Thank you pyroxyze. I appreciate your response.
  Thank you. I would like to know what size I should buy for Samurai S5000 (straight cut). My waist measures 28.5 inches. Since these are raw denim, should I get a 28 or a 29?
Hello all,   Can anyone tell the general consensus on Samurai jeans and Momotaro?   Thank you.
I think the shirt collar might be too loose for you as there seems to be a lot of space between the collar and your neck. There seems to be fabric bunching on the sleeves. But these statements are from my inexperienced eyes, take it with a grain of salt. If nothing works out, try to return it.
Hello everyone,   I am an undergraduate business student and live in Oklahoma. I hope to learn more about men's tailored clothing as I continue to browse this forum. Hopefully, this forum will serve to help me make the best decisions on buying clothing in the future.   Kevin
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